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  • Joshua L Hagen - Love these mats for the price

    Love these mats for the price. Ive had them for almost a year and they are amazing. Definatly a great product

  • Eric J - Very Buggy - Feels Like a Beta Program

    I have been using Quickbooks on Mac since 2010, and now on 2011. I read all the bad reviews, and decided that because I am 100% a Mac user that I would just bite the bullet and use it anyway. I use it for a consulting and reseller business, so I utilize most of the functions like sales receipts, purchase orders, inventory, etc. The only features I don't use are Time Tracking and Payroll.

  • JJsmom - A great looking shoe! Lightweight! A bit snug!

    Purchased as a present for my husband. I ordered a 1/2 size up, after reading reviews that they run a bit snug. Well, I shouldda went up a full size. They are more snug than he would like, but he's trying to be nice & not have me send back a gift! He likes the look & feel! Very lightweight! Good shoe! The "Birthday boy" & his own words!;-)

  • Silence Dogood - Keurigs are great, just not this one

    It's getting one star because you have to give at least one star to review. Admittedly, I got sucked in by the carafe. Really that's all I saw was Keurig and carafe. Unfortunately, they took all the great features away and replaced it with a touchscreen and a carafe. Want hot water only? Well before there was a button for that. Now, well now you have to hold a button down for a paltry 6 oz at a time. Want to use a My K-cup for your own coffee blends? Too bad, not happening, now you HAVE to buy standard K-cups. And I'm pretty sure ours is programmed wrong. Used the large K-cup and carafe this weekend on the 4-5 cup setting and when complete, it was about 12 ounces. Apparently new Keurig says a cup of coffee is 3 ounces. After 3 cycles on the 4-5 cup setting, the carafe was finally full. Fortunately we still have our old Keurig (K75) and intend to use it. This one is either going to relatives as a terrible Christmas present or on eBay.