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  • Baronessa di Tomassi - Cover, no caking!

    I've been a fan of this product for years! The coverage is amazing, it even masks the pores! I tried pretty much every concealer in the drugstore, and a few more expensive brands; but nothing compares to this. One jar lasts me 3+ months, but even if use it more it's well worth the money.

  • Randy Thayer - So Long Hall Mark!

    The wife; who uses this, says it is improved over her previous 2009 version. Unfortunately the templates are LESS editable than before because Hall Mark has introduced copyright infringement limitations. Much of the clip art and card designs are simply property of Hall Mark and they cannot be changed, limiting their design potential.

  • J.I. Harris - Shock and Awe!!!

    I'm a 50-something brown-skinned Black woman with sensitive combination skin. My skin also has some dark spots due to psoriasis. I love a flawless matte finish and had tried everything from Estee Lauder's custom blended Prescriptive to Black Opal and everything in-between including Fashion Fair, Iman, Mary Kay and Flori Roberts. They were either too dark, too orange, too heavy, too dead, lacked oil control, or transferred to whatever! Just as I had resigned myself that I'd never get the look and feel I really wanted, it was suggested I try bareMinerals system. I had just run out of MAC so the timing was right. Since it's a totally different cosmetic system and application process, I followed a suggestion from this review board and went to Sephora to get professional guidance.

  • Tiffanie Rector - Fits and works but cheap quality

    Mediocre. Kit is cheap and broke when removing to change some wires. Unfortunately only option I can fint but at less than $10 if you install it once it works good, jsut dont expect the tabs to not break.

  • alisandra09 - Love !

    My second skincare product from JustNatural is this tanning lotion and I was very excited to try it because my first skincare product from them was excellent! So this indoor tanning lotion is supposed to be a moisturizer that helps maintain your tan and give your skin a healthy glow. It is formulated with all natural and organic ingredients, and get this: it has no bronzer! Instead, its ingredient list includes Kokum Butter, Hazelnut and Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Coffee, Noni, and Guava and Papaya extracts. After showering and drying my skin, I applied this lotion onto my skin and massaged it in. It is super lightweight and has a rich coffee smell! I love coffee and the smell is very refreshing! My skin was super soft and smooth after the application, and this moisturizer kind of sealed in the moisture from my shower. In the summer months, I spent most of my time outside at pools and the beach, and I have definitely got darker! I saw a soft glow in my skin after a few uses. Even though this product is not supposed to actually give you a tan, it did seem like my skin was more darker after my 5th use. When the 2016 summer comes, I will definitely be buying a bottle of this to help with my tanning!

  • GuruJon - Good OEM Racks

    These are a good alternative to the MOPAR racks. The seller has good customer service, and I highly recommend them. They are pretty quiet, but they obviously are going to create some noise. They are easily installed and uninstalled once you have them adjusted. Adjusting only takes a few minutes, with on exception. Two of my front rails were out of adjustment from the factory and the feet/towers did not reach all the way to the ends. The screw holes in the rail were appropriate, but the screws would hit a piece of metal inside the rail before getting to the end of the rail. If this happens, you'll need to encourage the metal block inside the rail to move about 1/8 inch on both sides. I did this using a screw driver shaft inserted through the screw hole to tap the metal block outwards towards the end of the rail. Once correctly positioned installation was a snap. Next on my list is a canoe carrier!

  • Justin T. - Great product, simple to put together

    Great product, simple to put together. My only complaint is that i wish you could start in the up position.