Club miami casino - Passengers casino 1981 at at Wynn by machomikemd Updated Oct 7, 2011 Favorite thing: The Wynn has one of the Smallest Gaming Areas and slot machines in the whole of Las Vegas as Steve Wynn emphasized a more privacy for guests.

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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Ladydi - Love my Hot Sunglasses!

    Just received my sunglasses and they are Hot😍. I highly recommend them. I received them in two days so the shipping was on point. They are authentic you can verify their authenticity by putting the GLC code on

  • SStedman - Measuring the four treatments out can be annoying

    This box comes with a 4 month supply, but be warned all four months are in the same box and the method for measuring is trying to match the amount in the box with a marker on the outside of the box. It's not hard, just annoying, because who wants to stand in the bathroom looking in a a dark box (the pour spout doesn't provide a lot of light) to see it the level is correct for each treatment. We used to use the single month treatments, but these stopped being offered through subscription, so we switched to this option. I was hoping it would be four pre-measured treatments separated in one box, but that was wishful thinking. We will now be trying the Rid-X single packs going forward and hopefully this is a better solution.

  • Bodiddly - I highly recommend Gruber as a terrific guide and superb tool to ...

    As a college admissions consultant,SAT tutor,and Harvard alumnus,I highly recommend Gruber as a terrific guide and superb tool to help students prepare for the SAT test. Gruber provides detailed explanations whereas the College Board Guide does not! His overview of math, grammar, vocabulary, critical reading and writing is outstanding. He is simply the best!

  • MIchael P. Parker - You are much better off finding the old ACT's that have been released ...

    I've run an ACT/SAT tutoring company for ten years and I would echo what others have said. Only three practice tests vs. five is really disappointing. You are much better off finding the old ACT's that have been released online.

  • Christine - Fantastic

    I can honestly say that I never thought it would work as well as it does. I am so impressed with how long my drinks stay cold. I love that it is lightweight and my soda easily fits inside of it. I work in a very hot room so being able to keep my drink at the right temperature was very important to me. I was given this product at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion. 

  • R. M. Cook - Good razor for the price range

    The suckiest thing about electric razors is that it costs the same to replace the entire unit as it does to buy new blades. Obviously, there are far more expensive razors out there. But, if you are reading these reviews you are looking to buy something less expensive that does the job.

  • Rose DesRochers - a new way of learning how to ride a bike.

    It is a small, light weight bike and the saddle is set low so children can reach the ground with their feet.