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  • PEI Buyer - NERO GMBH Sucks

    Nero Platinum 15 NEVER worked properly from the beginning. Then, when I loaded Win!0, it has failed most miserably. NOW, I am getting offers to (pre)purchase Nero 16 before I get an answer for issues experienced from Nero GMBH about Platinum 15. NOTE: NERO GMBH does NOT sell or support their software except from THIRD party software distributors. This really annoys me. I will only purchase software from its original source. Take warning !

  • PhillyFan - Goal Zero Guide 10

    I am very happy with the Nomad 7 and the Guide 10. The batteries charge within 2-3 hours in sunlight; it takes longer on cloudy days. The built in LED light on the battery pack is a very good idea. My only complaint is that it does not charge my Motorola W755 cell phone. Overall it is a good product.

  • YsOneMN - Save a few bucks and get it faster

    As a Microsoft Partner I can get this through them, but it would cost more and they would not ship it for free for two days. This is the DVD developer version so it cannot be used to run a business, it's for development use only... limited users.

  • mlcreature - Better for Middle Reader/Young Adult Authors

    It's no doubt a great book. No buyer's remorse here. However, much of the information is weighted to middle reader and young adult authors. I wish there was more info re picture books.

  • IamPatSajak - Please read this before buying. I feel foolish for purchasing.

    I purchased this product at the mall yesterday, after a very friendly saleswoman chatted me up. I have bad skin, I'm lonely. I am just the kind of sucker they are looking for. She put the peel on my arm and it seems to peel off skin. In my head I said, it's probably just the product making those "peels" and not my skin. I purchased anyway, as you can barely get away from these people.. but I got out to my car, spread a drop of the product on a flat plastic surface, rubbed and I was right. It's not peeling your skin. The product coagulates and looks like peeled skin. Like Elmer's Glue. I have never been taken so easily and I could kick myself for the whole thing. The bottle that was in the box, has a broken/stuck pump so I can't even resell it on ebay or Amazon to the suckers who haven't figured out the trick yet.

  • Toni Z. Mccollom - Don't waste your money!

    I would not recommend this product!! Besides the fact that it is ridiculously expensive, it does not have any "meaningful" results. I wish I had read these reviews before I fell prey into buying this product(s). The first shipment came in (at $40++) and they were mini "trial size" bottles and tubes. I thought I would give it another chance for a month to see what the next shipment looked like.

  • Miss T - Simply love the Medlov's

    I thoroughly enjoyed Gabriel's story. I hate giving out spoilers when doing a review. So I'm just going to say how absolutely happy I was with how things turned out especially for Briggy ;-)