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  • Lauren Bennett - It's a great belt.

    You have to cut this belt to fit, but that was mentioned in the product description. It's a great belt.

  • Robert Chase - I Like it!

    I'm coming off full AutoCAD and can't tell much difference. This seems too have everything with a few very minor items missing.

  • Ben & Rachael Scott - I absolutely love scour off

    I absolutely love scour off. I have a farm house kitchen sink and the scour off makes it shine and clean unlike any other product out there! A little goes a long way.

  • J. Adams - Good piece of equpment, once modified!

    I bought this machine about 2 yrs ago. I, like other reviewers, did not like the fact that you must bend down extra low just to get under the machine. I decided to fix that, so I took it apart, and took the main center piece to my favorite welder, and had him add 4" to the height. It still works great, and now I barely have to bend over! I can't believe they don't make the height adjustable, or at lest make it a bit higher. Overall,I'm very satisfied with this piece of equipment, I use it weekly, and have had no problems with it, nor any type of injuries from using it. I had lower back surgery 18 yrs. ago, and since then have been very careful with any exercises that can stress or hurt my back, like squats. This machine is perfect, keeps me stable thru the entire squat, and I've had no problems with my back. I highly recommend it as a great addition to any home gym (once you've modified it of course)!!!