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  • Kelly O. - Worked as expected

    It came nicely packaged in product box. It comes with remote control (AAA batteries not included), RCA cable, power cable and user manual. It did not come with the VGA cable needed to connect to my PC so I had to purchase that separately.

  • Anil Seepersad - Ok, this is the first time in a long ...

    Ok, this is the first time in a long time that I've played a Civ game that feels balanced and works! It's more akin to Civ 3 or Civ 4 (with the expansions) in how it feels during gameplay. The new dynamic of opening up the cities creates a new overlay on the gameplay. It has one fault however - the AI seems, inconsistent.

  • chimpandroid - No more "I can't remember"

    I don't use Choline supplements daily. I use them on an as needed basis. I don't like to be dependent on taking choline every day as the body doesn't produce that much and I believe will stop altogether if you supplement with it daily. I have tried many different pre-made Nootropic formulas. I am very partial to my own. That is why this Alpha GPC is good. I can add it or skip it as needed. It does seem to give an added boost on those days I need it. And by boost I mean it's easier to find that word I was looking for and the point I was trying to make is much more precise. Another reason I don't like being dependent on Choline or Alpha GPC in particular is it is very expensive. This VitaMonk Alpha GPC at $30 a bottle is right in the mid price range of comparable size/mg bottles. I received this one at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • Darlene Maron - FDA Cleared not FDA approved.

    The HairMax Laser Comb was FDA cleared, they promote the comb as if the FDA tested it for trials, it was only for safety, with hair loss and any treatment safety is an issue, but above all we want something that works! Please do not be misled by FDA approval they know 99% of people just look at FDA approval and figure " hey it has to work", please save your money, there were many lasers before this hence why anyone can get FDA approval (The same sort of lasers have already proven to be SAFE) again safety matters but if you are going to blow all this cash you can get one on ebay or any hair loss site for less than $100, please use real FDA APPROVED hair loss treatments that being Rogaine Liquid/FOAM and Propecia, please remember this product is NOT fda approved only fda cleared meaning the lasers will not cause harm to you, but you can get that anywhere.Please go with Rogaine and Propecia, This Hairmax COMB has been on hair loss boards for years and NOT ONE person had a positive review of it. The studies done on women have NOT been published yet, this is directly from their website, and the one done on men is very minor and the photos are a joke, hair is not even the same color in the photos! Please save your cash, you can get a whole year of Propecia/Rogaine for less than this, and it is PROVEN, FDA APPROVED not just " FDA Cleared".

  • Amazon Customer - A Visual Treat

    If you are a Harry Potter fan, and you were the one who always loved picture books, I will simply say that you need to get this. WDW 10/12

  • Reads Reviews A lot - Disappointed dad!

    I did a ton of research before I ordered this product. I was looking at convertible car seats for a big and tall baby. I narrowed it down to the Clek Foonf and Clek Fllo as well as the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio and the Britax Advocate Click-tight. Drove myself and my wife nuts with the scrutinization and attention to detail. Went to Buy Buy Baby several times and looked at the products and took my 8 month old and put her in the seats. Basically I did all that I could to pick the safest car seat.