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  • Bruce A Leistikow - As I have gotten older my eye lashes and brows ...

    As I have gotten older my eye lashes and brows grow much slower. I have been looking for a product that would be less expensive than using false lashes and less trouble. I put this on in the morning after my shower. I have noticed some new lashes. At first it was hard to see because they are very blonde. I'm looking forward to more growth. I was given this product for free or at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion.

  • W. Sprinkle - Wonderful cordless and easy to use

    I bought this vacuum and it works like a charm. No more cords to fall over or have to keep plugging and unplugging. Really does an excellent job on my wood floors and gets all the dust and lint vacummed. Also works good on carpets.

  • Drea - beautiful hair, but it tends to dry out very ...

    I bought this product after seeing it on youtube. My daughter has very long, thick, beautiful hair, but it tends to dry out very easily. I have always been old-school and used pink lotion on my hair, but it did not work for hers. This product really seals the moisture in her hair. I applied the product after washing, air drying, and detangling her hair and then sectioned her hair into individual twists. She has had the twists in her hair for almost a week and a half and her hair is still shiny. Plus it smells amazing, my daughter says it smells like cupcakes!

  • Donald J. Morrison - Problem when it dried it looked like I sprayed it with powdered chalk

    I have a wooden mail box and have problems with the wood rooting from rain water. I have just replaced it and thought NeverWet would keep the water from getting into the wood. Followed instructions that came with it. Problem when it dried it looked like I sprayed it with powdered chalk. I know they said it would do that ,but when I tried to reinstall the top of the mailbox everywhere I touched it the powder came off like it was powdered chalk. It may work well on your shoes but to me it is a rip off for 19.00.

  • Lynda Dunbar - I Couldn't Be Happier

    I bought this because I'm allergic to nearly every perfume, fragrance, and odors on the planet, in that it causes respiratory distress (trouble breathing). There are only a small handful of fragrances/smells I can handle. Since I've tried every premade liquid shower soap/gel in all the local stores and had no luck finding any I can tolerate, I opted to try finding an unscented/fragrance free one and make my own by adding fragrance oils of the few smells I can tolerate to it. It was not an easy task. I was able to find some fragrance oils that were made correctly and were tolerable. The unscented/fragrance free soap was just as difficult. I have yet to find ANY that have absolutely NO smell to it at all. Most are made with ingredients that have their own natural odors, and many of those smells are pretty nasty. Also, many are very thin and liquidy, don't stay in the wash cloth nor do they lather up much (if at all). Not to mention many leave you feeling like a greased pig (very slick, slippery) an unable to scrub that slickness off.