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  • Nicole Sherman - Horrible texture and feel

    Horrible texture- sandy, grainy and and not at all like store bought. Left my face dry and sticky, not smooth at all. Strange consistency. However, the other aveeno products were good so maybe I just got a bad bottle? Idk.


    When i first purchased this game for my kids it worked well only on the first day only. The next day when they tried to play. We had a very difficult head scratching, nail bitting time trying to connect our "latest iphones and samsungs" therefore our operating systems where def not the problem. Then we said okay maybe the fact that we have a connectivity issue, that might have been because of the severe hurricaine that just passed. Thats not the worse of it, check this out! I contacted their support team they said we dont handle issues like that, you would have to speak to an internet support rep. Everytime I attempted to contact one they would ask me one question and before I can respond they would disconnect their call. I have 10 other games for kids xbox. I have a WII, PS 4 and plenty of other game consoles and games. Never ever experienced such terrible customer service or such an impossible game. I would never in a million years recommend this game to anyone. Beware.

  • Steve - Didn;t work

    Didn't work. Affresh recommends that if your washer already has mildew smell that you use one tab per wash for three consecutive hot washes to remove the odor. Then leave the door open and wipe the gasket clean. I did all of the above and the odor remains.

  • Kimberly Fudge - Great for vision health

    I always knew that blueberries were great to support eye health...but I never heard of bilberry. I was offered a chance to try this supplement out, so I gave it a shot because I do suffer from inflammation of the eyes. The Bilberry, also known as the Huckleberry, is said to support eye health by reducing inflammation, strengthening capillaries, and dilating blood vessels. In addition, Blueberries include a number of disease fighting antioxidants and contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Zinc. The Bilberry and Blueberry concentrate in Natural Nutraceuticals Ultimate Eye Formula is an all-natural way to supplement eye health. This supplement works great, and has really helped my eye health.

  • Edrie P - GE Drip Pans for Electric Stove

    I really like these new GE drip pans. Especially I like the fact that they are not chrome. They really shine and will be easier to clean. My stove top looks new again.

  • Nancy Moonves - I am thoroughly enjoyed this book

    I am thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is written with such honesty & vulnerability. I truly related to Carole's story and empathize with her childhood challenges. Beautifully written. She's women of so much talent. And she's a truly nice person. I loved this book.