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  • nwad - Ineffective

    I took the product to my doctor after using it 2 times to make sure that it was actually doing what it should be doing. After reviewing the booklet and watching me use the machine she determined that it was not doing anything for my back. Since I have serious injury to my lower spine, she wanted me to discontinue use immediately.

  • Brittany DeYoung - not worth the money. Too expensive for the little turn out you get.

    i bought the 4 pack for $60.00. very disapointed, did not see any results. also been using the thermofit. i have not weighed myself yet im going to wait till its been 4 weeks. i just got my fatfighters in the mail today and going to try those. if i dont see any results after spending all this money i will be very upset. next time i will try tge 21 day fix. heard awesome rhings about it and its way cheaper

  • Happy mom - Absolutely love it!

    Very easy to put together, maintain, and maneuver. It's a very solid frame and accessories, and is much cheaper than its competitors. I particularly like the fact these wheels will never need to be reinflated, and that they have no risk of getting punctured. The handle bar adjusts to both my height and my husband's, and it has lots of storage. I did a lot of research before investing in this stroller, and I absolutely love it!

  • Coral Lemley - buyer beware|||||||||

    Luminess offers a 30 day trial offer if ordered from TV of course you are charged a non-refundable fee of $30.00. Here the problem you don't know of you are getting a used machine they don't disclose that. These machines are extremely high priced and work off of the same idea as a small compressor you buy to air up your car tires and plugs into your cigarette lighter. they cost $30.00. So when you get your "new " machine someone could have already used it for 30 days. You have no clue what they have done to it. Luminess just cleans it up and sends it out to the next sucker. Look at their return policy closely-very strict. So you don't follow instructions exactly right down to the size that the return authorization numbers should be on the front of the box they won't

  • Amazon Customer - I didn't know when I bought this how appropriate it ...

    I didn't know when I bought this how appropriate it would turn out to be! A collector's item no matter how the election goes.