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  • Karen L. Hilliard - It's okay

    It picks up okay, but the first time I took it through the car wash it came off and then I had trouble getting it back on.

  • Ali. C - No difference.

    I didn't see a difference while using this product religiously for a month. Maybe it'll help others but not for me.

  • Amazon Customer - Very pleased. One of the few headsets that I have ...

    I initially didn't want to keep these as they looked too large, but after trying them 1 time, I found that they are the clearest sounding Bluetooth that I have purchased. True stereo sound and I was surprised how clear the sound from the phone and how well the microphone on the phone works. Very pleased. One of the few headsets that I have used with my Iphone that actually picks up the phone over 10 feet away. Great product.

  • Alex - Good but a bit bulky

    The quality of the case is very nice and it holds 2 credit cards and and ID without issue. The stand is really nice too. It loses 2 stars because it is quite bulky.

  • Rasmus Sjokvist Landén - Good, but choose the commented version by Lawrence Cunningham.

    Great and informative but I only gave this 3 stars since there's a commented version by Lawrence Cunningham which is much better.