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  • Tammi Worley - Ahhhhhhhh Relief!

    This hot cream is excellent source for deep tissue muscle relief and pain management. It goes on easy isnt oily or greasy, rubs in smooth and effective immediately. It does have a smell but not overwhelming to where you can not stand to have it on you.

  • MCanz - Got Good Ingredients But It's Making Me Feel Bloated.

    I'm not pregnant but not preventing it. So, I decided to take something "just in case" it'll happen. The ingredients on this prenatal vitamin sound like the good stuff when preparing to get pregnant. However, we can't really test that. Anyway, I am just rating it based on how I feel after few days of taking it. I am on it for about 5 days I think. The capsules are fine and easy to take. I had take Raw Prenatal vitamins and it's pretty the same looking pill. Anyway, I am giving it 3 stars because the ingredients are promising. However, this doesn't seem to agree with my stomach. I just feel bloated everytime. I am not sure if I am just adjusting to it still? But if things get better with the bloatedness issue, I will definitely update my review. I will still take it until I finished it. I'm sure it would still be beneficial regardless of the minor side effects I'm having.

  • Justin P - Good product, but the pump broke.

    The product itself works. It actually works quite well. The top of the handle is another issue. The plactic "T" shaped handle separated from the tube/pump within the first week. I now have to pinch the top and try to plunge the pump manually which is very difficult and awkward. I was too lazy to contact the seller right away to I'm probably too late to get the issue resolved unfortunately...

  • David R. Rich - Look Upon My Works, Ye Mighty, and Despair

    If you somehow managed to miss the online marketing blitz of Poo-Pourri a few years ago, the idea is this: it's a scented spray with which one spritzes the toilet before dropping a deuce which purports to seal in the stink. It has recently become available at various brick-and-mortar retailers, so I picked up a bottle at my local greengrocer (in the original citrus scent) and gave it a test drive.

  • LSNY82 - Makes my skin feel nice & soft

    I had originally bought this at one of the kiosks in the mall and it was insanely expensive. So glad I found it here though I was really annoyed I threw away all that money the first time. When I rub this on my face it seems to be rubbing off dead skin cells. It looks like its getting out all the dirt because sometimes it will be a darkish color. After using this my skin feels soooo smooth and it also makes the blackheads on my nose less visible. The only problem I have with this product is that it clumps up and gets stuck to my face usually around my cheeks and its tough to get off. You really need to scrub that part off. I actually end up using one of those eyebrow razors to scrape it off.

  • Amazon Customer - Not a good way to track info

    I just bought this and am very disappointed. I was hoping the program would be better than the website, with more fine-tuned fields and options. For anybody who works with data, you would know that this program is awful. Name fields are not separated, places are not separated. I wanted to be able to print a list of places and people associated with them. But because the place names are not separated (one big field of city, county, state and Country) it is only sorted alphabetically. So, some places are by city, some by county, some by state. I can't just sort the list to be everybody in a state. I can't prepare a report that lists residence info by person, even though they say there is a customizable report. This is totally useless to me. Linking to records found online was really strange and made no sense. This was a waste of money.

  • H. A. Warner - I really like ideal boost

    I really like ideal boost! It gives me a great energy burst before a workout or in the afternoon when I start to get drowsy. I would definitely buy it again. The flavor also tastes great!