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CSGOSTRONG - Roulette - This suggests another possibility: Valve taking control of the whole skin-betting industry, through buying out the third-party sites, launching its own platform, and verifying age and jurisdiction. If the potential loss is that blazing growth rate and the current gain is a few million a year from untrustworthy sites, it makes no sense for the industry to gamble on skin betting-even by doing nothing.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • Subimon - Works great.

    I love these, got em in my Subi too! Personally I think they are the best way to invest in your car and keep it factory clean and crispy.

  • dltokar - Disappointing Product.

    Product is not what it seems. drivers are all in Chinese and will not install. Searched internet for the drivers and could not find compatible drivers. Driver disk will load do to Chinese format. Do not recommend.

  • Lindsey - Lifesavers! highly recommend them to any other women who may have the same issue I did

    I went on a search for a product to help me with an embarrassing problem. I have been low carb dieting for a couple of months when I noticed that I had a different more pungent smell down there, this is not an easy topic for me to discuss but it became noticeable even to my husband. I purchased these and have been taking them for about 4 months now and although I used to have a smell that was similar to and armpit sweat type of aroma I am back to normal now and I credit that mosty to these probiotic pills. I have never had an issue until I was on a low carb diet case you're wondering and your smell changed if you're eating less carbs your body's bacteria change so you need to get the yeast to bacteria ratio back online and these pills work wonders I highly recommend them if you have embarrassing problem that I did.

  • Lost in Denver - A fairly thin plot with even thinner characters

    Looking at some of the other reviews, I couldn't help but wonder if they were reading the same book. While the main character of Jessa had occasional bouts of entertainment value, her obsession with food quickly made her into a one-schtick pony personality-wise. Even worse was that Jessa was still a deeper character than pretty much everyone else in the book. The Compass brothers were, from a character-depth perspective, completely interchangeable. The were all strong, intimidating, "hunky," and obsessed with Jessa. You could take any of their dialogue and if you hid the name of the brother, there would be no way of telling which of the four Compasses it was. They were just that generic. That was the extent of their "personalities." The villains were generic in their villainy, and Jessa's family were bland in the extreme. While I had hopes for Jessa as a character at times, they were quickly dashed. In between bouts of crying and inconsistent behavior, Jessa wasn't much of a heroine. She either needed rescuing by one of the strong, hunky men or when she did get herself out of situation, it was more by accident than design. "Wait, I have this new power / ability that randomly decided to manifest itself now and save me without any conscious effort on my part. Oh joy, oh rapture."

  • Leslie17 - my mother colletcts the swarovski ornaments and is so happy to have been able to have this special 2016 ...

    my mother colletcts the swarovski ornaments and is so happy to have been able to have this special 2016 annual ornament.

  • Cecily Drucker - Not worth buying

    I purchased the Fitbit Flex from Amazon, and it was sourced via RoadRunner Sports; no problems there, and Road Runner Sports provided updates on delivery, etc. I used it constantly from the time I got it to yesterday; about 3 weeks. Not happy or impressed with any of it! First, the 'clasp' is really bad; Fitbit should get the same clasp that RoadID uses for its' wrist bands, which is a terrific clasp (and product). Second, the product I received is defectively made: As I was putting the little capsule with the computer chip back into the "pocket" (think Kangaroo) the rubber/latex portion of the wrist band separated from the translucent window which 'shows' the computer output, in terms of 1-5 LED lights. Third, the computer chip 'pouch' retains water if you wear it in the shower, etc., and then you either have to take it off, dry out the pouch and put it back on (again, dealing with the clasp), or have the water and latex band irritate the skin. So, I am returning it, and not buying another one. My advice to anyone who is contemplating any of these devices--ask yourself what kind of information you "really" don't have that you need to have, and find some way to get that information; this product, which is poorly made, doesn't really add a lot of valuable information to my life, and since it doesn't work very well, i don't see any point in spending $100. Use your money on something more meaningful!