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Win Free CS:GO Skins | CS:GO Scratch-Off - Theres something refreshing about a character who relies on mixups and resets rather than the same set-ups again and again, and Will2Pac is probably the best Laura in the world right now. Hes going to be there, hes got a good character in Ken, hes got an array of characters as well, and I think its definitely time for him to step up and announce himself on the CPT. F-Word: Ryan Hart will play in the Grand Finals Last time we saw him play, he was having a lot of trouble because he was still learning the game, but Ive been keeping an eye on things and hes really been developing.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 5.7237 Provincie Flevoland, Netherlands

  • chuckles - You have to want it to work

    Like most diet books, I think it's kind of like a placebo thing in that you have to want it to work either because of hitting rock bottom or just wanting change bad enough for some reason or another.

  • stinkbug - Classic

    Classic board game. My children love board games and my husband and I enjoy getting them ones we enjoyed ourselves as kids. That's just what you are getting the same classic game you remember when you were young.

  • Aaron - amazing

    I wound up not needing this software, but after reviewing a trial vesion of it, I like it. it's more complex than Excel, but not without good reason. this program keeps track of anything from personnel, sales records, and various other things that I've not seen yet. if you need a program to keep your business records running smooth, this is certainly a great start until you need something more complex.

  • Ragz - Great on my S4. Not so much on my Lumia Icon.

    Does not appear to work too well with Lumia Icon. Was having some 1/4 second skips here and there and some connection problems from time to time. I inquired with customer service and they said that maybe it was not compatible with the phone. I use Bluetooth headphones with my Lumia and my 2012 Civic with Bluetooth works fine with the Lumia. It seems to be working good with my Samsung S4. Long story short I would not buy for Windows phone but great for Android. At least the S4. Have not tested Apple.

  • S. Winters - Great shampoo. Gets the job done and smells nice.

    We use Mane 'n Tail as a dog shampoo, but it can be used on humans too. I would use this on myself if I ever run out of my own shampoo. It works great and the smell is pleasant.