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  • Carol Damaske - Excell 2010

    This book is exactly what I hoped it would be. It is very informative, easy to read and understand. Thank you!

  • Henry2000 - Henry2000

    I was horrified when I started to develop severe lower back pain that several of my family members and friends had described; where they had extensive back surgery and therapy.(with limited success). After about 8 weeks of this pain I was convinced that I needed to see a doctor. That night I saw the "Back to Life" machine advertisement. Out of shear desperation, I called and told the order taker that I knew that this was a gimmick but I was going to try it anyway. Boy was I ever thankful I did! This thing really worked and after 10 days my back pain was totally gone! I have worked this machine into my regular exercise routine, and find it very easy to use; and quite relaxing. I can see from other testimonials that it has not produced the same results for everyone; and that each situation is probably different. Apparently I was a perfect candidate for this thing and have highly recommended it to everyone that I hear complaining about their back pain. Don't waste your money on the pills the Back to Life people will try to sell you. They are very expensive, hard to get off your credit card, and in my opinion not necessary. The machine is the ticket; not the pills.

  • densolis - bold

    I have very short thin eyelashes and this is my favorite mascara i have used to date. I do use a mascara primer though to bring out the best from this product but at the end my eyelashes are long, big and bold!!

  • L. Davis - skincerity is different but super effective

    I have been using skincerity for over a year. I have oily skin with large pores and breakouts. Once I started using Skincerity my pores have all but disappeared and my breakouts are few and far between. I roll it on after I place both my night serum and light moisturizer on. This locks in all of the benefits of the other products. The smell is strong but goes away quickly. Also hard to get it out of your hair so try not to get too close to the hairline. Other than that it is awesome.