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  • K. Yee - AAA rating from Moody's

    I was looking into these for upgrading my a/v system, and found a review of these in the Spring 2008 issue of Moody's Audio and Mortgage-Backed Securities. These have received Moody's highest rating, AAA!! The system they used to test these based on a Lehman Brothers' amplifier with a Bear-Sterns pre-amp and AIG speakers. It turns out that if you leverage these cable 30x, there's no problem at all. They *are* AAA rated after all.

  • Geek family of four - which I think is AWESOME!! I saw other reviews that said they ...

    Child loves the taste of these! Came in a package that had a disposable ice pack in it, which I think is AWESOME!! I saw other reviews that said they came in a solid clump due to the heat.