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  • Ray Fassihi - Did not really cover what it should.

    I have a older version Legal software of different brand and it has more contracts than this one. I got this to try and update the technology.due to updated Windows.

  • ClevelandClan - Loved the color and the product

    Received this blush in my Ipsy box and having been using the sample for 4 months. Loved the color and the product. This is now a staple in my make-up collection!

  • Cat M - healing

    doc said I have rosacea, light case. Meds are $286 for one month. I prefer to treat topically than systemically. Not advising, just my preference.

  • John Liarikos - Best mattress ever - and I've had many over the ...

    Best mattress ever - and I've had many over the last ten years! Since my neck surgery in 2012, I haven't been able to get a decent nights sleep.

  • NERD911 - Basic Video Feed with Basic Software

    My intent was to try and use this unit to stream video surveillance through which is a brilliant web subscription service and application based recording. But I was unable to make it work properly. At its intended purpose, it will do just fine, but the software could use more work/features.

  • Michael Cast - THANKS Uranium ORE!!

    My mother bought some of this right before I was born. She kept it under my dad's pillow. Every morning when she made their bed, she would make sure that