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  • M. Conover - Older Reader Project Runway Watcher

    I love this mag. It is not just for the 20's & 30's or under. It gives advice on clothes, makeup, current happenings in fashion, & features Project Runway designs! When I moved it seemed like forever for my mag to catch up with me. Nina on Project Runway is my favorite judge as she seems to tell it like it is now not 30 yrs ago. I too do not wear as much makeup now as I did in my younger yrs but it is fun to see all the current stuff available to use. I do do my nails, wear fashional clothes that I can afford (Alferd Dunner is my fav as I can get it at a store here on discount!;) } I am in my late 50's & teach school in the Bible belt but do not like old fashioned clothes or looks. As I said before this mag tells you what is current & doable for you at your age/

  • Longoria - Scary, don't read alone!!!!!

    You have got to read this author! He writes about what is going to happen during the tribulation. He is not just writing his own opinions; but his research is rather in depth with quotes from reliable sources like the bible. He is also a christian. His style of writing keeps the reader interested. I highly recommend all his books as well as sometimes co-author Chris Putnam.

  • lynda best - Kinda cheesey armrests.

    At first they seemed great, but after sitting in them for a day, I noticed the plastic armrests were torquing and twisting with the average weight person. The locks that hold it in place when you lean it back and want it to stay in one place starts to slip in less than a minute, no matter how hard you tighten them. I am thinking about returning these.

  • Keeks - Get your normal size for running

    I have another pair of this exact model. I just got it in another color. One for out side (through rain and mud etc.) and one for on the treadmill. They fit nice and are breathable. They are very light weight. Even in the box it barley feels like anything is in there. I am a fan of Nike for running shoes and athletic shoes overall. Usually with running you a go a half size up to compensate for any swelling and so your feet don't ache afterwards, but with these particular running shoes from Nike I just get my normal size which is a 10 and it fits fine. There have been others that I've gotten a 10.5 instead of 10.