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  • BettyBoop57 - Unbelievably Disappointed

    I was going to buy this from Amazon, but saw it at Walmart for about the same price. My black plastic mailbox was faded and I wanted to prevent cracking, etc. I only used the wipe in the sealed package, and some rubber surgical gloves which did not fully protect my hands and they began to burn. I coated the mailbox and it looked better but half an hour later, I checked it again and it looked no better than before. The smell of this stuff is so toxic and horrible it is indescribable. I put the used wipe and it's package in my trash in the basement garage but an hour later had to move it out as the smell was seeping into the house. I certainly expected better from a brand I had known and trusted.

  • babyphace214 - Rich and Creamy

    I ordered this serum after reading about it in an article about best skin care products. It is rich and creamy, so I like that. A dab is all it takes. I don't like that the bottl is so small. Even though you don't need to use much, it doesn't last that long if you use it regularly.

  • tory's romance - Love the Medlov men

    I gave a four star rating because I couldn't believe in Valeriya and Gabriel's love. I like the couple but everything just happen too fast. Dmitry is still the alpha male but the other Medlov men seem softer now. I like the story but there were some slow parts. I hope we will get another book soon, I look forward to reading about Dmitry long lost son.