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  • K. AU - is doing something...

    I'm EMF sensitive and had to quit my job 4 years ago because of it. I get massive headaches whenever I'm around computers or TVs. I've try one of those bio-electric shield and wasn't effective. It was expensive and I kind of lost hope with these new age health gadgets. I also got a zapper but still experiencing headaches but when I got this earthing mat I feel I can actually work on a computer for the 1st time in a long while. Although not 8 hrs a day but it make a big different. I've been using the mat only for 1 week so far and I also put it under my feet during sleep every night. Will give an update after a month or so. Also I started wearing a copper bracelet for the 1st time for my carpal tunnel and that seem to help a lot. I sure hope to recover soon and get back to work! Am thinking about the Q-link pendant next to add.

  • CheleT - Sends telemarketers and scammers packing

    Sends all of those pesty telemarketers and scammers packing. I work from home and the number of unsolicited calls received (even though I'm on the do-not-call list) is just crazy. This app shuts them right down. Works great.

  • Ronald D Hancock - A very good compilation!

    I think that the author has done a remarkable job -It was a concise pulling together of different aspects of Hillary Clinton's activities. It gives a clear picture of her motives as well as those of other actors.It filled in and completed a convincing picture and of her unbridled ambition and her personality. I pray and hope she doesn't become president.

  • J. Kesselman - Completely ineffective

    Even when I buffered the lightning down to a few thousand volts, these cables burned out before revivification could take place. Worse, while wasting time with these the body began to putrify; now I have to go out and dig up fresh materials and spend all that time stitching them together again.

  • Picky Picky Me - All natural All powerful allergy solution

    My husband started using these about a year ago for his allergies to get him off of the toxic over the counter allergy meds he was taking for years and years. He says this natural product works far better for him than anything he ever used before. Both my daughter and husband with allergies love D-Hist and have found it to be the only product that really seems to work effectively on their allergies.

  • Jessica Phalen - Great value

    I bleached dyed the underneath of my hair light red but it faded fast. I purchased this kit because it has two colors in it. I bleached my hair very light then applied the pink for about an hour. It looks great and I get lots of compliments on it. When this color fades, I'll use the purple to change my hair up and refresh.

  • K. Hacker - Excellent book of early Tudors.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written book. I did enjoy the telling of the story in the first person. The story of Owen Tudor is so often just a side note in the telling of the War of the Roses and the Tudors. The fact that this man would marry the former Queen of England and the sister of the King of France is fascinating. Of interest to me is the mental illness by Catherine and her son Henry VI. Could this have caused the mercurial moods of Henry VII and Henry VIII? I am looking forward to the next books about Jasper and Henry VII.