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Dr Hickey´s PPG - Dr Hickey''s Surgery Patients Participation Group. Representing the views of the homeless patients of Westminster at all levels of GP and NHS care.

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  • Mason - Got the job done!

    I sprayed one time and it got rid of my bugs! Like the tiny spray tube that goes on the nozel to get in tiny spaces!

  • gbnikto - Word 2011 with upgrades ail not work on Mac running mountain lion

    I have used Word for years on Macs. Until I bought my new IMAC with OS 10.8.2 (Mountain Lion) I never had a problem. I purchased the latest incantation of Word (2012 - which came in a box labeled 2011 (?)), installed it, downloaded all the upgrades and it simply will not run. I contacted Microsoft and the helpful guru even took over my computer remotely and failed. Word will initially bring up a draft document then immediately crashes. I suspect the problem lies with Mountain Lion. Microsoft has not seen fit to tweek Word so it will run on the new Mac OS.

  • SydSyd - Great Product that works

    Great product that works. I cut my hair the other day it was really short - I had to use the smallest curling iron to curl it. Anyways, I started using groganics DHT blocker oil twice a week to oil my scalp and rub on my hair. It makes the scalp tingly - i guess u can describe it as - like iced cold water dumped on your head. You will feel this for the first 30mins. It has been over a month now and my hair has grown about 3/4 of an inch and it is thicker and it 'behaves' - I normally wrap my hair at nights and using this oil makes my hair wrap easily and falls into place. I highly recommend! I only have this oil, soon I will get shampoo and conditioner.

  • Ronald Sims - there are plenty of great stories. This movie doesn't seem to have chosen ...

    What are the rules for evaluating a re telling of an ancient myth? IMHO there is no point in demythologizing the original story ... If one wants a story confined to the "natural" realm, there are plenty of great stories.

  • JJ_legal_alien - Quite dissapointing, online living trust is a waste of time

    I bought this book and software because it was advertised that it includes a living trust maker. It turns out that you have to enter all your personal information online, on Nolo's website. Reluctantly I tried this anyway and after some time, while thinking about one of the questions, the website suddenly expired. All my data was lost and could not be recovered. I had to start all over again. So the online trust maker is useless and I think that Nolo/Quicken should stop advertising it.

  • Mike - Keeps getting better - lots of power and control.

    [Updated March 21, 16. I tried the 30-day trial of Power Director 14 Ultra. MEP is still better.] I'm writing this as a long time user of Magix MEP Plus to help others. (11, 17, MX, MEP 2013, MEP 2015, and now MEP 2016.) Always buy the Plus edition, as it comes with the encoders/decoders and also includes screen capturing, which the base edition does not. [Update: After Christmas, there were a few low star reviews that popped up. I don't work for Magix or anything. I just like fair reviews. So, respectfully, to be fair, most of the low star reviewers' problems with MEP appear to be operator error.]