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  • Nancy B. - The computer has been such an improvement from what I ...

    The computer has been such an improvement from what I had but in between needed assist from the Geek squad (many hours) because McAfee which comes with the computer was not allowing me to do much. McAfee has been a problem in the past for me. It is a very aggressive security system that won't give up. I think all the HP computers come with it. Meantime now everything is smooth but I could not be in my position using the computer without assist of Geek squad.

  • Bill - As others said, the gun didnt calibrate

    It's going back to the store after my dad and I spent more than 2 hours trying everything to get the gun to calibrate. Happy father's day... how did this get on the shelves?

  • Joan Ross - Still on the fence!

    I listened to video and it all made sense, that of course there is an imbalance. Every diet works if your head is in the game. I was looking for something that would support my efforts with weight loss. I take the supplement 3 times a day as directed. Never have missed a dose. I am into my fourth week and re-ordered another bottle. Why....? Because I can't say it is a miracle, but I can say, I feel a little better. Lets give it another month, if this feeling of well-being and weight loss continues, I will give it a thumbs up! I will never say Weight Loss Formula is all you need to be successful with weight loss. Weight loss is a long term life style change. (And you need all the help you can get...even from Weight Loss Formula!) The price is a challenge. I trust the product more because it is supported by Amazon. I will comment next month!

  • Bill Pence - Arnie’s Parting Gift to Us reviewed by Bill Pence of CoramDeotheBlog.com

    This was Arnold Palmer’s 13th book, and the sequel to his 1999 autobiography A Golfer’s Life. The book, which was published shortly after his death on September 25 at age 87, features 75 short stories on a wide range of topics under the headings of Golf, Life and Business. As a bonus, on the audiobook version of the book, Arnie reads the beginning section of the book, be it in a very weak voice.

  • Marie - Snake -a Way

    I ordered this product because my house backs up to a huge empty field and this year everytime I walked out back there was a different snake. I was scared to open the door. I followed directions and I haven't seen a snake since. Thank God. I am scared to death of them and I love working in my garden.