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  • jahjah - Cables were well packaged but Amazon almost shipped them too fast.

    I waited for some time for these cables to be available through Amazon because the local stereo store that carries them sells at List price and they refused to give me a 4 day vacation at DR Nights, a Dominican Republic sex resort where I wanted to request Jaqueline as my first 24hr girl. Honestly, they were all for it until I specified my companion preference. I began to suspect that the shop owner had reviewed the site and developed a fantasy about Jaqueline. I don't know why he would care because she's only been a GFE for about a thousand guys.

  • William Washington - Daughter loves them.

    These tennis shoes were purchased for my daughter and she absolutely loves them especially at night. She said that they are her special effects tennis shoes for her high school's pep rallies.

  • Lisa N - Easy installation and they look amazing, very quality!

    I love this stainless steel solar garden lights set. The set up was so easy and it made my garden look amazing.

  • Prudence N. Chaiban - It's okay

    It's pretty good for cleaning smaller rooms but once you start cleaning your entire house it's just not sustainable...you have to keep replacing the tiles too often when you clean larger areas. It's not great for very dirty floors. I use it when I need a quick 'run through'

  • Christine Gski - great product. I had a lot of chlorine in ...

    great product. I had a lot of chlorine in my water and my hair was breaking. This helped restore my hair (and I finally have the chlorine OUT of my water).

  • Johhny Bravo - Absolutely, Positively works!!!

    As long as you abstain from "toxins" 2-3 days before your test and drink about 5 liters of water through two days before the test, you should pass. Follow the directions!!!! The taste is manageable. You will see that your urine is not completely clear, but a tad bit yellow.

  • Travis C. - The speaker isn't too loud but when I talked to my wife she said it sounded like I was talking using my phone instead of the ...

    I'm going to give it 4 stars since it technically doesn't work too well with my iPhone. If you're an iPhone user you can't get any notifications such as texts and such on the watch. You can receive and make calls using the Bluetooth with it though. The speaker isn't too loud but when I talked to my wife she said it sounded like I was talking using my phone instead of the watch. I haven't tried it with a SIM card though. All in all for the price it's decent. Wish there were more options for the watch itself such as a digital option rather than a normal clock face but that's just nitpicking. For $25 you're getting a pretty decent smartwatch. I tried using the mediatek smartwatch app but it won't connect but I'm assuming it's just on my iPhone's part and not the watch. Normal Bluetooth connection works fine though. I'm using an iPhone 6s Plus for reference.