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  • WordsWorth - A Solid First Entry

    1st book in the series. Careful world building and descriptions are vivid enough to put you in the setting without bogging you down in superfluous writing. Entertaining and the suspense is slow, but steady building. This I would be tempted to recommend to my father, who doesn't like fantasy, but enjoys military books.


    I used to LOVE this cream it was PERFECT then they changed it to "get the NSF rating" and it's now terrible it BURNS my face TURNS IT BRIGHT RED and burns SO BAD. Now it has sodium benzoate in it. It's so stupid to add sodium benzoate to a product with Vitamin C in the name. Sodium benzoate PLUS ascorbic acid (vitamin C) forms benzene, a known carcinogen. It doesn't spread well or even absorb at all anymore it leaves your face clown white right before it turns bright red, Im not sure how this has a NFS rating when it seems to have much more chemicals now, it smells less like oranges and more like chemicals and it burns your skin. I can't understand why a company would take a perfect cream, that worked so well and totally 100% ruin it. I makes me mad. Why can't they leave well enough alone. Not only will I not buy this cream again, I'm sworn off of avalon organics 100% until they bring the old formula back. It took me YEARS of trying creams to find one I really loved and stuck with and now I have to start all over again. I don't take this lightly.

  • Peter Tokar - Halestorm Rocks!

    Simply amazing. My new favotire band, an incredible concert, well filmed, crisp and clear with the matching CD. You MUST get this if you are a fan.

  • J. R. SOUTH - The BOMB! (In the Best Way!)

    "Joanne" is not the new Lady Gaga album that I wanted or expected. In fact, it's quirkily off-the-wall, and more Art than Art Pop. I resisted buying it for a few days, until I listened to it on Spotify. Then, when I saw Gaga's amazing performance of "Ay-O" on SNL,I was sold on it 100%. I'm listening to it as I write this. The songs have the most exciting, genuine energy, it feels like a caffeine injection. The lyrics are oddly poetic and intense, and Gaga's singing is beyond excellent: raw, emotional, and just freaking miraculous. An out-on-a-limb adventure in country, dance, pop, rock, soul, folk, and more than a touch of bathhouse cabaret. Thanks for a great CD, Lady Gaga. I doubted you, but I was wrong. Long, long may you reign.

  • Bubbly1 - Cancer Plan

    Cancer is a large factor in my family and as such I wanted to research as much as I can.Maybe someday we wont have this dibilitating awful disease and wont need books such as these,pray every day for a cure.

  • Nancy Brown - Very useful, but I will order less in the future ...

    This is interesting stuff, but I didn't know that it has a short shelf life. I keep mine in the fridge to extend, but will not use all of it before it quits, whatever that will mean. I made a list of things to use it on and am thrilled especially with feet on items that no longer scratch furniture. Used it for covering rusting pieces of our dishwasher rack. Boom! Very useful, but I will order less in the future so that it doesn't go to waste.