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  • Allen - Not sure how much better this is over Reynold's normal foil line

    Not sure how much better this is over Reynold's normal foil line. Love the stuff, just don't know if this is worth the extra.

  • Tara - Love my ray-bans

    Love my ray-bans! You can tell they're real if they have an RB etched on the inside of the lens glass. They're also real when it says "Ships from and sold by amazon" instead of "sold by ____, fulfilled by amazon". They were so inexpensive too ($70). I can't wait to buy another pair.

  • Bryson S - Great planner, functional and well designed

    This is a perfect notebook, and definitely more affordable than what you will find at Office Depot. The pages don't have pre-printed months and days which surprised me at first, but then made me happy. This allows me to get a full 56 weeks of use out of it rather than just the rest of the year. I will be buying this planner again in 55 weeks!

  • K. Kind - This stuff just works

    Do not waste your money on cheaper alternatives. If you have a problem with urine stains (or vomit or feces) just give the area a soaking with Nature's Miracle and wipe off 15 minutes later. The stain and odor will be gone. This product has come through when everything else has failed.

  • Cora - A godsend

    So easy to operate, wireless and operate by only one AA battery, everyone can use it without reading instructions.

  • haven2088 - This pan is good, but it would be better if it were ...

    I wanted a stainless steel baking pan so that I could avoid using an aluminum one (for health reasons). This pan is good, but it would be better if it were thicker. As it is, at 400 degrees the pan warps and any loose food can be flung about. Case in point: berries on a tarte. I've lost some blueberries off my tartes! :) Not a big problem, but I recommend a thicker pan.

  • Dakotaam1 - this is a must purchase for a vehicle

    I absolutely love my weather tech liners!! I am telling everyone that this product is a must for your vehicle. It is very rugged and is great for pets and a busy outdoor lifestyle. Keeps my vehicle nice and clean and my weekly visits to the car wash is so much faster!