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Eldon Drug Company | Eldon, Missouri Local Pharmacy - Eldon Drug Company is your hometown pharmacy. We are primarily a full service pharmacy but also offer a variety of unique gifts for every occasion.

  • http://eldondrugco.com/about/ About Eldon Drug Co | Eldon, Missouri Pharmacy - Eldon Drug Co provides dedicated service with decades of experience. Miranda Henley acquired Eldon Drug in 2013 to become owner and head pharmacist.
  • http://eldondrugco.com/compounding/ Customized Prescription Compounding in Eldon, MO - Customized prescription compounding can provide pain relief through alternate methods of medication delivery. Visit Eldon Drug Company to learn more today.
  • http://eldondrugco.com/health-screenings/ Health Screenings in Eldon, Missouri | Eldon Drug Co - Eldon Drug offers health screenings for patients that include cholesterol, glucose, or blood pressure checks.
  • http://eldondrugco.com/medical-equipment/ Medical Equipment in Eldon, Missouri | Eldon Drug Co - Eldon Drug is a home medical equipment and supply company specializing in power mobility devices, lift chairs, diabetic supplies and many other necessities.
  • http://eldondrugco.com/gift-shop/ Eldon Drug Gift Shop | Local Gifts Eldon, Missouri • Pharmacy - Eldon Drug Company not only handles your prescriptions, we have a gift shop that carries unique gifts for every occasion. Stop by and browse our selection.
  • http://eldondrugco.com/contact/ Contact Eldon Drug Company | Eldon, Missouri Pharmacy - Eldon Drug Company. 101 S Maple St, Eldon, MO 65026. P: 573-392-4588. F: 573-392-4425. Hours: M-F 8:30am to 6:00pm and Sat 9:00am to 2:00pm.

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  • Scifi Reader - I take that to mean that she liked the gift

    This was a gift for my niece's step daughter. She ran around screaming "Yes!" after she opened the gift. I take that to mean that she liked the gift. Or, too much sugar before opening gifts. It's open to interpretation.

  • meltill88 - Works really great!!

    I bought this product close to a month ago for my yorkie. He is only a little over a year but I started seeing plaque build up on his teeth and started worrying about how expensive dental teeth cleaning would be at the vet. I'm a college student so i'm always worried about money. Anyways I went to my local holistic dog food store and asked if they had doggie toothpaste and toothbrushes. They recommended this product and I thought great, my yorkie is super hyper and a pain he'll never let me brush his teeth but maybe he'll let me put this gel on his teeth. Although it takes some determination we use this every night except for a few times and I truly think I have seen results. His teeth weren't too bad to start off with but I definitely have seen some reduction in plaque on his canines and i'm pretty sure his molars aren't as bad either. I would definitely recommend this product because its super easy to use and all you have to remember is no food or water for 1 hr before and 1 hr after.

  • fathappyrats - Keep it in the cupboard!!

    I've done some pretty stupid things with haircolor in the past year, and if I mess up bad, this stuff REALLY WORKS. It can't take out deep turquoise or purple, hot pink etc completely, but it doesn't further lighten your hair. It leaves it feeling soft and ready to recolor, and really does take out your OOPS. If you've lightened and toned your hair it will only take out the toner. Nothing can restore your original color after bleaching, and MOST permanent haircolors (even dark browns and blacks) contain some bleach/peroxide to help set the color. You could still have a surprise in that your hair is lighter than you thought, but this is NOT the Color Oops - it's more likely the color you put in your hair to start with.

  • jdinaz - Bed Head After Party Hair Cream

    Love this! Best deal yet! Love amazon, great deals. Easy to purchase and return if needed. This product makes my hair soft and silky just as it says, I have curly hair and I use before blowing and straightening and keeps the frizz away.