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Elmwood Pediatric Group | Rochester NY Pediatricians - Elmwood Pediatric Group is a pediatric practice located in Rochester, NY. We are dedicated to providing high level, personal care to children & families.

  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/blog Elmwood Pediatrics Blog | Rochester, NY - Halloween is such a fun time for your kid. Make sure you keep them safe and healthy this Halloween so they can enjoy this day to its fullest!
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/patient-services/patient-portal.php Patient Portal | Elmwood Pediatric Group - Our Patient Portal provides you with secure, online access to portions of your medical records as well as an easy and convenient way to communicate us through a secure internet connection. - See more at: http://www.elmwoodpediatrics.com/patient-services/patient-portal.php#sthash.nD3ziOqj.dpuf
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/contact-us/index.php Elmwood Pediatrics Contact Information | Rochester NY - Contact Elmwood Pediatric Group at (585) 244-9720 to set up appointments with out pediatricians, request child safety care information, and urgent patient care.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/locations/office-hours-clinton-crossing-bushnells-basin.php Elmwood Pediatrics Office Hours & Walk-Ins | Rochester NY - Office ours for Elmwood Pediatric Group located in Rochester, NY. Walk-in sick visits Monday - Saturdays. Contact us at (585) 244-9720
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us Pediatricians at Elmwood Pediatrics | Rochester NY - Elmwood Pediatric Group has been serving children and their families in Rochester, NY since 1946. Our pediatricians have been recognized as best doctors in America.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us/anne-francis-pediatrician.php Anne Francis, MD | Pediatrician | Rochester, NY - Pittsford - Dr. Anne Francis is a board certified pediatrician practicing in both Rochester and Pittsford, NY. For appointments call Elmwood Pediatrics.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us/steven-marsocci-pediatrician.php Steven Marsocci, MD | Elmwood Pediatrics | Rochester NY - Doctor Steven Marsocci of Elmwood Pediatrics is a board certified pediatrician working in the Rochester, NY area.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us/marie-lynd-murphy-pediatrician.php Marie Murphy Pediatrician | Rochester, NY - Pittsford | Child Doctor - Doctor Marie Murphy of Elmwood Pediatrics is a board certified pediatrician working in the Rochester, NY area.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us/william-hoeger-pediatrician.php Williams Hoeger, MD | Rochester, NY Pediatrician | Child Doctor - Doctor William Hoeger of Elmwood Pediatrics is a board certified pediatrician working in the Rochester, NY area.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us/carolyn-cleary-pediatrician.php Carolyn Cleary, MD | Elmwood Pediatrics | Rochester NY - Doctor Carolyn Cleary of Elmwood Pediatrics is a board certified pediatrician working in the Rochester, NY area.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us/myriam-bauer-pediatrician.php Myriam Bauer, MD | Elmwood Pediatrics | Rochester NY - Doctor Myriam Bauer of Elmwood Pediatrics is a board certified pediatrician working in the Rochester, NY area.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us/mary-porter-pediatrician.php Mary Porter, MD | Elmwood Pediatrics | Rochester NY - Doctor Mary Porter of Elmwood Pediatrics is a board certified pediatrician working in the Rochester, NY area.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us/jessica-kleinberg-pediatrician.php Jessica Kleinberg, MD | Elmwood Pediatrics | Rochester NY - Doctor Jessica Kleinberg is a board certified pediatrician in Rochester, NY. For appointments call 585-244-9720.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us/nurse-practitioners-rochester-ny.php Nurse Practitioners | Rochester, NY - Pittsford | Child Doctor - Ann B. Sorrento and Kathleen White-Rayn are the specially trained nurse practitioners at Elmwood Pediatric Group. Offering specialized children's care to the Rochester area.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/meet-us/child-care-medical-research-rochester-ny.php Pediatrician Research | Rochester - Pittsford | Child Development - At Elmwood Pediatrics we find that our ability to give excellent primary medical care to our patients is enhanced by the research we do including cutting edge children's medicine.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/health-library Health Library | Pediatrician Rochester, NY | Symptom Checker - Our health library offers child care information for common symptoms, immunization schedule, dosage charts for over the counter medications, and more on parenting and child health.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/health-library/immunization-schedule.php Child Vaccine Schedule Chart | Elmwood Pediatric | Rochester - Elmwood Pediatrics follows the child immunization guidelines recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Follow this schedule to help prevent diseases.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/health-library/guide-to-the-flu.php Guide to the Flu | Symptoms and Treatment | Rochester NY - Flu season is between October and May, so may sure you know how to avoid getting the flu and how to treat it if you or your child get it.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/health-library/asthma-overview.php Child Asthma Diagnosis & Treatment | Elmwood Pediatrics - Approximately 7 million children in the U.S. have asthma, a chronic lung disease that can be extremely dangerous. Learn the symptoms and get your child tested.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/health-library/dosage-charts.php Dosage Charts | Pediatric Medicine Charts | Pediatricians Rochester, NY - Dosage chart information for pediatric care. Ibuprofen chart for how much your young sick child should be taking for proper health recovery.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/health-library/web-resources.php Web Resources for Pediatric Conditions | Elmwood Pediatrics - Our web resource center offers extra child care information on ADD, adolescence, allergies, asthma, autism, breast feeding, immunizations & vaccinations, and latest medicine recalls.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/new-patients New Patients | Rochester, NY Pediatrics | Genessee Valley Pediatrician - Elmwood Pediatrics welcomes all new patients to our Rochester, NY pediatrician offices. We look forward to many years of care and support to your new family.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/forms-policies Forms & Policies | Rochester, NY - Pittsford | Sick Child Doctor - Before your appointment with us at our Rochester or Pittsford pediatric office, quickly and conveniently access patient forms from our practice.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/forms-policies/medication-refills-rx-renewal.php Medication Refills - Rochester, NY - Pittsford | ADHD, Pediatrician - Contact Elmwood Pediatric Group at (585) 244-9720 for child medication refill requests including ADHD medication. Please notify our office at least 3 business days before.
  • http://elmwoodpediatrics.com/forms-policies/insurance-billing.php Insurance & Billing | Pittsford, NY - Rochester | Child Development - Insurance & billing information for your visit to Elmwood Pediatric Group in Rochester, NY. Pediatricians offering annual physicals for school, sports, and camp.

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  • Robert Steward - Torn between giving good review or bad one.

    I rarely take time to write reviews. But leaving 4 stars doesn't really tell the tale. Love hate relationship with the company, not the product. I am a firm believer in Dr's Wallach and Glidden and their approach to healing. Huge fan of supplements and while I have yet to feel any results from this product; I have no doubt that if it contains the laundry list of vitamins and minerals it should be helpful to anyone. My beef is simple. Is great nutrition and health for the wealthy? I weigh 250 lbs. I am 5'10 inches tall, so I suffer from all the ailments of someone who is malnourished. This product could be a savior...however I may never know that. Based on the 58 dollar price (not the one I paid on Amazon -- $61.50) this product cost me 5.15 a day. 156.64 a month and $1879.75 a year. Most people don't know how much they earn or spend and are terrible at budgeting. Even I who failed 9th grade math can tell you...that's a lot for a supplement. I have a wife and 5 children. I want them to have the benefits of this product. given their weights it would be an additional $3759.50 a year. That would be $5639.25 a year to give my me and my family the nutrition which These doctors and this company are prescribing. And that's based on only taking it once a day; the container says take 1 to two times daily! Tell me what tax bracket do I need to be in for good health? If these people really cared about making people healthy maybe they ought to scrap the fancy packaging and lower the price! If not guess what; me and my family can't afford your company. so we may never know how many stars to rate this product or any of your other products. Hippocratical...oh that's only for "REAL?" doctors.

  • on the mountain - All show and no go

    The antenna looks good, and it doesn't get caught up in the car wash (my goal), but it gets zero reception... In fact there's no difference between using the stubby and nothing at all. Fortunately I only listen to satellite radio so I don't care if it doesn't work, which is why I gave it two stars instead of one.

  • Mary Lou coleman - eye opener

    The book should be read by everyone! It is greatly needed to get people to think about the future of our children and where America is headed! We are so busy with our own lives that we are letting our government do whatever they want! We must wake up!

  • Ashley Force - Great next step from the Kings

    So glad KOL is back. Loving this album. A new sound, but still the Kings that I know and love. I love seeing a band that I have listened to for many years mature and make different sounding music, not just another album that sounds the same as the last.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Mats; Definitely Worth the Money!

    Mats look great! Had them for a month now, and they're holding up well. Definitely a good purchase, and definitely worth the money!