eRx Script Exchange - eRx Script Exchange - Australia's largest and most clinically significant health information exchange.

  • 2015 Pharmacy Survey Report - eRx - eRx Script Exchange today launched the results of its 2015 Pharmacy eHealth Survey identifying the business impact of ETP (electronic transfer of prescriptions) on community pharmacy since eRx’s launch in 2009. A total of 740 pharmacies, representing 14% of Australia’s community pharmacy sector, took part in the survey, which ran in the first half of this year. The survey honed in on four key areas of dispensing and workflow, patient outcomes, challenges and priorities, and innovations for the future.
  • 2014 National Progress Report - New national report highlights remarkable eHealth progress. A report published by eRx Script Exchange today shows that 80% of all prescriptions are now dispensed electronically rather than manually, which significantly improves patient safety and reduces the financial and human toll caused by mishaps with medications. The new report documents the evolution of electronic prescriptions since eRx Script Exchange was launched in 2009, becoming Australia’s first national system for the electronic transfer of prescriptions (ETP).

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  • lpearl - Doesn't work in the real world (urban areas)

    A lot of radio frequency interference - was constantly changing stations even within 5 mile radius. Microphone is too weak for other person to have a clear call. This is junk.

  • Christina B. - Very disappointed, received the lotion and the pump was broken ...

    Very disappointed, received the lotion and the pump was broken and wouldn't work. The lotion is so thick, you can hardly get anything out. I buy this lotion all the time and love it but would not buy it online again as without the pump it's very hard to use.

  • Justshopping - Would Not Repurchase After 8 Months of Usage

    I waited 8 months to review after purchase because I wanted to take the time to evaluate and frankly I have mixed feelings on this product. If you just have dust and minor fuzz or lint to vacuum up you will probably love it. I have two long haired people in my home and two non shedding dogs and every single time I use the vacuum I end up spending ten to fifteen minutes pulling our long human hair out of the rotating underside. The hair winds itself around the rotater and has to be yanked out manually never making it into the bag. For this reason alone, I do not recommend this vacuum for long haired humans and/or long haired shedding pets. You would have to use the hose and an attachment only and never the upright as its meant to be used without having to do what I do-- rip all the hair out that gets caught on the underside of the vacuum.

  • richard e grady - bought it for my grandson prior to his taking ASVAB ...

    bought it for my grandson prior to his taking ASVAB to join the military and it seems very well done.

  • Steve - These bars fit perfect as you would expect from Honda

    These bars fit perfect as you would expect from Honda, as a factory item. I attached kayak carriers (Malone Sea Wings) to these, and everything was perfect. Very well satisfied.

  • Kindle Customer - Has its ups and downs but loved it

    Georgie goes to Italy to escape her mother's match making and to find love and herself. She settles in a small village and meets luca who wants no part of love after losing his wife five years earlier. Feelings are start to form and feeling are hurt but the ending is worthwhile.

  • Dustin - You wont regret it! GET IT!

    This thing is awesome! Finally a hole saw that works and is clean. Also having a hard case to keep it all together is really handy.