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  • alan r gann - This is NOT the degreaser.

    This is the engine detailer. So be careful when you order. This product does not even match the cans that were shipped two me twice after calling AMZ. Also, you cannot return these.

  • firefly - Not a good deal at all. Lots of advertising

    I was expecting all that the description said and it definitely came up short. I'm don't even think I'm going to break even. Lots of advertisements. Lots of "deals" that you can get by going to the company website anyway.

  • Steven P. - the box looks good, fit great and installed very easily

    Required a very very small bit of trimming to fit my 2000ish Kicker CVRs, but I hear a lot of Kicker subwoofer frames are bigger than normal. Other than that, the box looks good, fit great and installed very easily.

  • Chad D. Ward - Good software. Abusive licensing system.

    Quickbooks is Quickbooks. It is the standard for small business accounting software. What makes this review only three stars is that you have to keep paying for it again and again. I was happily using an earlier edition of Quickbooks when Intuit decided to stop supporting my version, meaning that I could no longer email invoices or send them as .pdfs, limiting the utility of the program. Imagine my joy when contacting the company to discover that I had to buy an updated version or buy into the subscription model to keep using the features I'd been using for years and had already paid for. Quickbooks 2014 does nothing that my earlier version didn't already do. It has more features, certainly, but I don't foresee using them.

  • ToxicHaji - Super easy to install on my 2013 Wrangler JKU and ...

    Super easy to install on my 2013 Wrangler JKU and the smoked lenses are quite dark (as pictured) which was the effect I wanted. LEDs are bright except for the white reverse lights which could be a bit brighter IMO (add another row of LEDs?) but otherwise a solid product that's simple to install and a nice detail if you're going for that "blackout" effect on your Jeep.

  • Holly Bowers - Gives Relief

    I have severe lumbar arthritis and some spinal stenosis. This product is easy to use and does give some relief. I use it while I'm on the computer or watching TV ... the light pad slips off the hand holder and can be slid easily under clothing. You can set the light therapy at three different levels and add extra heat if you like. The unit shuts off automatically after approx 15 minutes so you don't overdo if you fall asleep. It's easy to reset. I think it's better than a heating pad and easier to use. I'm sensitive to energy moving through my body and this is sending a good amount of infrared energy which I feel more intensely when I put it directly on my lower spine. It probably won't cure your ailment, but it should bring muscular pain relief and some overall relaxation. I would purchase additional units as gifts.

  • Jake - CLEP is the Worst Experience of My Life

    CLEP is Absolutely Horrible!! You have to fill-out reams of Surveys, as you're Enrolling for it. They want your blood-type, your Parent's Maiden names, any Secret fetishes you have, as well as quite possibly your first born, before you are ever allowed to take it. Minimally-invasive went completely out the door. Will make you Late, if you're trying to enroll at home, thinking that it'll just take a few minutes, or a reasonable amount of time. Such is Not the case, with the CLEP. Also, when you get done, you have to fill-out an extenuating Survey—once again---in which they ask you quite possibly a billion questions, holding you Ransom, before allowing you to Finish the Test. If you are in a hurry, or have a Compressed Schedule, that does Not concern them. I would say, Forget about the CLEP, altogether. They are Not interested in if you are a working person, or have Family, they are only there to waste your time. As in the case of the English Exam, you will not get to see any of your Results, anyway, and they will hold you in Suspense for several weeks, wondering the Results of their deplorable Test. Their endless non-sensical, pointless and utterly-time consuming, confusing going nowhere Voicemail System will give you Migraines, even if you've Never suffered from them, before. You will most certainly not get any help there, anyway, and will hang-up the Phone in utter frustration and desperation. You may even become Socially-Isolated, after that Traumatic Experience that is their Voicemail system. Their pdf "Master The CLEP" is the only Adobe Acrobat document ever created by man which does not have Clickable-Links in the Table-of-Contents. Basically, I'd much more enjoy being Waterboarded, a thousand times over than to ever have to put Myself through that tremendously Traumatic experience, Ever Again, that which is the College Board's CLEP program.