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  • sheri clark - Helpful information

    Especially liked that they graphed not just the average accepted GPAs and MCATs, but also the range. Contains a lot of information I havent even had time to peruse yet

  • Jeannine Springer - Update Stinks

    I would have given a 5 star rating but since the last upgrade, the app says I'm out of moves when I have 50 left! Did it 3 times in a row so I was out of lives within 2 minutes. I will be deleting if this isn't fixed in the next day or two.

  • Karl Zimmermann - More..

    I want more. This had just the right amount of innuendo, sprinkling of sex, a female lead, but definetly not a romance. Fantasy without stupidity. Hope there is more to come in this series, and now I have to go back and read his other works.

  • Paula - Really works!

    My podiatrist recommended this to me when I saw that some of my toe nails were curving due to an excess of keratin building up under the nails. You have to be patient, because it takes several months to see the difference. I can now say that after 5 months my toe nails look normal again.

  • R. Randall - Great little case, attracts fingerprints, though!

    This is a pretty nice case! It's sturdy, yet still has a little give so that you can get your phone in and out for changing of cases. It fits my iPhone 6 Plus very nicely and gives it a great, sleek look. It's a very soft feeling case and I like the way it has almost a slate look to the back panel. I gave it four stars because it gets fingerprint marks ALL OVER IT!!! I don't even know what I must've touched first, but there were so many fingerprints on the back that it was gross. So I tried to wipe it off only to make smears. So that's my only complaint - it's very odd in that respect. On the inside it is cushioned where the bottom of your phone would be, which is nice since that's where most of the pressure on your phone comes from when you're using home button or just holding the phone. I like that it has the open circle to showcase your apple logo - nice touch! If I didn't have a gold phone, I would've loved it even more, but the black on gold look is a little odd to me. Better suited for a black phone - much better!

  • Henry Y. Shen - It works!

    My review is simple: My wife has given birth to two kids and used this cream on each pregnancy. She got NO stretch marks. It works on her. Period.

  • Morgan Lambert - I actually like the smell and the cool tingling feeling

    I saw a noticeable decrease in breakouts on my back within the first week of using this body wash. It's the most effective when it's the last thing you use before getting out of the shower. I actually like the smell and the cool tingling feeling, which makes me think it's working. My only complaint is the shape of the bottle/ tube, it's really easy to use too much.