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  • P. Small - love this product/ while on a mission to loss 40 ...

    love this product/ while on a mission to loss 40 pounds, it all i had for my protein for 90 days! I felt alive!!! had abundant energy, speed walked daily, built my muscle mass lost my fat!!! i was never hungry. I did use super green powder drinks 3 times a day as well. I continue to buy these aminos, great protein without the calorie intake and the sluggishness of meat in the body!!!

  • Elin Frye - Great product!

    This product worked great on my composite deck, the wooden areas, siding, down spouts, concrete block and solar sun fabric. Just follow the directions that emphasize that you must spray on an overcast day (or shady evening?) so that it won't evaporate too quickly and that it can't get wet for four to five hours. No bleach smell. I have recommended it to my friends and neighbors. Be sure to peel back the label to read about the precautions.

  • Whisper - Superb picture, Good sound, and many great features but.....

    ....It has been a frustrating start up. My first frustration was to find I must download and print the 97 page manual only to find that the pages aren't numbered! Why they didnt spend one more hour to number the pages before posting is hard to understand. Next you will be impressed with the many features such as PIP and Recording to a thumb drive that the TV offers only to learn after more study and trials that these (and perhaps others) are not available in units sold in the USA and Canada. Most disappointing to me was the lack of a voice remote even though this is clearly shown in the Samsung illustrations which are also used on the Amazon page. Amazon was gracious enough to pay for a voice remote- although after hours of trying I found the voice feature is not supported by this model. The workaround that works well is the addition of the $59 Amazon voice Firestick for a good voice activated remote with Amazon's huge Music selection as an added bonus.

  • Amazon Customer - A must have!!!

    Love Love Love this product! The directions for setup are easy to follow and minimal. The wide viewing angle to see my dogs is great. It launches treats out for both my dogs so it gives them something to do and they don't fight over it. The only down fall is probably my wifi connection. it doesn't always connect. I would recommend this product 100%%%%%%%%%.

  • Keb Shemp - 5 bucks down the toilet. Literally.

    Have you ever wondered where the expression "five bucks down the toilet" came from? It was first said by someone who bought CLR to clear up a toilet bowl ring. The stuff does nothing.

  • MrBigBeast - Mind numbingly poor

    I used this program as a composer for years. From the beginning I hated every aspect of it. There is no doubt that you can write music much faster by hand unless you have lots of cut and paste repetition. As fate would have it, by the time I bought Finale I also had 7,000 hours of computer application programming under my belt. Based on that experience, I conjecture that the initial architectural concept of this product was deeply and horribly flawed, resulting in an unfixable mess. Finale would basically have to start from scratch to improve functionality.