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  • Jeremy Nunez - Best knife I've ever owned.

    The perfect size for a more stealthy approach to things. Love the tanto style, for those that walk the path of the shinobi. Primarily bought this because of Splinter Cell, still a great survival tool.

  • D. Scott - An "okay" space adventure/horror story but NO science or believability at all

    Okay, the first couple of books in this series were dark as well as depressing but sort of okay. This latest addition, however, barely was readable. If you have had elementary school science, then this series will stretch your patience. There is also very little consistency of weaponry, armor, ships, species, or the various abilities supposedly each has. For an example, the giant centipedes are immune to plasma blasts one second but a .50 cal machine gun destroys the bug..... Then there are so many basic mistakes regarding space travel and vacuum that you really should just skip the space battles. I won't even get into the failure of the atmospheric battles or how fires and sound do not flourish in vacuum.

  • alec - Heart's Awesome

    Good solid Rock from a great solid Rock band. Nice to have some of their best hits finally. Should have got this years ago.

  • David W Musal - Finally in Blu-Ray

    Awesome product for Cardinals fans, and looks stunning in Blu-Ray! Having these in Blu-RAy has been long overdue for all baseball fans!

  • J. Lussier - Declutter your inner life

    Just like we can accumulate clutter in our house/vehicle, our inner life can have clutter too. We are too busy, running on empty. Maybe even thinking if this is what life is supposed to be about. It doesn't have to be like that. Simplify by Bill Hybels will show you a different way of living. He will show you how to declutter your inner being.