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  • Kristi Clover - Inspiring book about how God weaves things together in our lives!

    This book was so inspiring!! I love that Chip and Joanna were able to see the amazing way that God was weaving His story through their lives over the years. Their intentionality to put family first even in the midst of all that they have going on is so amazing. I loved listening to both of them tell their story on this audiobook. I hope everyone who gets this book will be as encouraged as I've been by their story -- to follow God's still small voice and to trust Him with my dreams (no matter how crazy they may seem). Makes me think of Ephesian 3:20. :)

  • Chelsey - Waste of my money and time.

    Very disappointed. Followed the directions, I even got the gel, didn't see a difference whatsoever. Wouldn't recommend to anyone.

  • Kindle Customer - Comprehensive

    Good guide for trip planning. I had checked out earlier versions of LP and the Rough Guide and, in this case, felt the LP guide laid out possibilities in a better organized manner. Since my trip won't be for several more weeks, I can't really comment on the accuracy of the guide, but it has certainly helped with creating an itinerary.

  • Happy Theologian - Economic Voodoo

    Hillary promises to "invest" in manufacturing, infrastructure, clean energy, R&D, and small businesses. It is not government's job to "invest" to create jobs. If it is a profitable venture, it can be done better, cheaper, and more efficiently by private, free enterprise. If the government could invest its way to the creation of "millions of high paying jobs" that Hillary promises, why don't we just turn over everything we own to Uncle Sam and let the efficiency of government create wealth for us? This is hokum economics put out there for the lame brain imbeciles that don't know the abc's about how economics operates. She also promises to make America the "clean energy super power of the world" by building half a billion solar panels. If solar energy was cheap and efficient, it already would have replaced fossil fuels. Solar energy is far more expensive and that is why it has to be subsidized by government. How is America's wealth going to be enhanced by spending far MORE on its energy needs? A higher cost for our energy will only make us poorer, not richer. This is simple common sense, a commodity sorely lacking among many. This woman would flunk a course in economics 101. Furthermore, she will make college debt-free. Who is going to pay for this boondoggle? What do you suppose will happen to college tuition if the government is paying for it? Colleges will wring their hands in glee and jack up the cost. She wants to tax corporations and the wealthy. Anyone with a modicum of intelligence knows that corporations just pass their costs onto the consumers. The wealthy can move to other parts of the world if the tax rate burden becomes too high. There goes our entrepreneurs. Trump promises to Make America Great Again. Hillary promises will result in Making America Poorer Than It Already Is. If this woman had such brilliant plans to create millions of high paying jobs, why didn't she share this secret recipe with her boss Barack Obama eight years ago???? The answer, she doesn't really have a secret recipe to create what she promises. It's all smoke and mirrors.

  • Bwatson2015 - Works fast!

    If you are looking for a fast cleanse that works this is your product. The 3 steps are easy to follow. I had no funny tastes from any of the product and I felt great after using it. It seemed to give me a boost in energy after I finished the cleanse. I used the product while on vacation before my wedding and I could actually tell a difference from before and after.

  • Robert JOHN - GREAT HUNTS!