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  • Topper - Too Thick to Use and Not Eligible for Return

    I cut open the shrink wrapped package today and opened the bottle to use for the first time. The glue was dried so thick inside the bottle it was a gummy mess and would not flow at all. The expiration date on the bottle is 6/3/2016. I tried to return it and found it was no longer eligible for return. Do not buy this item. If it is like mine, it is totally worthless and you are stuck with it, no pun intended!

  • Brent Shishido - Savings on this Amazing product

    Amazing product! Lost 14 pounds and helped me eat healthier for consistent weight loss. Overall, I felt a lot better too! Extra energy in the morning so that waking up at 8am wasnt such a struggle. Bought my product from onlineconsumernetwork dot com and saved $50 off this product. If you Join as a member, you also save 20% off that. Member price is $230.

  • Shiyera - It's like magic in butter form.

    I normally don't review items so soon after receiving them, but I used it once, ONCE and saw immediate results. Sounds crazy right? I am kicking myself for not taking before and after photos. Anyway, I had these nasty scrapes on the back of my hands from an altercation with a washing machine (I found the only sharp edge of metal by accident) that took off a couple layers of skin. They had been taking a long time to heel, painful, scabs kept coming off leaving raw exposed skin. Not pretty nor comfortable.

  • Martin Eastport - Been using this for almost 3 decades, nothing else compares...

    This is the only personal care product that I've been using for anywhere close to this long. I usually cycle into a new soap, shave-cream, shampoo, etc. every 3-5 years. Nothing replaces this product, so please just continue to keep making it just as it is right now. For the record, I'm almost 50. Other than avoiding the sun and using sun-screen, people insist I don't look my age by a decade-plus. I really believe ex-foliating my skin daily with this product is a big part of that.

  • Jachze75 - No 13mm wrench!

    This set looks to be of good quality, but i gave it 4 stars because it came with two 14mm wrenches. I only realized this when I was looking for the 13mm and couldn't find it.

  • Starrmaur - great product

    I use it for my cystic acne. If I catch it early enough they stop growing in size. Lerosett actually helps bring out the head in some of the pustules. If nothing else it calms the redness and pain. I use it as a spot touch treatment.

  • K.G. - This coffee is my absolute favorite! I didn't see a caffeine content anywhere on ...

    This coffee is my absolute favorite! I didn't see a caffeine content anywhere on the packaging, but it feels like it's pretty up there to me. Great flavor,and my daughter loves to pick my emoji out in the morning.