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  • Stephan S. - Works...but not for what we bought it for...what?

    Oh my, look at all these reviews! It's a mix of "this tamed by possessed baby" to "this made my tame baby possessed". What is a parent to do? Well hopefully our experience will help. But then again, let's not forget all babies are different (it's almost like they're individuals or something). So for us this has been a good purchase, but not for the reason we bought it. Wait, what?

  • P. Adamczyk - Made in Wisconsin

    I did some research on this Insinkerator and the Waste King and found that the Insinkerator is made in the Wisconsin and the Waste King is made in China. I bought the Insinkerator. It is more expensive than the Waste King but the quality is verry good and it is quiet as advertised.

  • Ryan Price - LOOKS AWESOME!! They didn't start making Jeep Grand Cherokees ...

    LOOKS AWESOME!! They didn't start making Jeep Grand Cherokees like this until 2014 but mine is a 2013 with this added shark fin antenna I think it confuses people as to if it is a 2013 or newer. Looks great!

  • William Hanson - Great for stopping mouth leaks

    Good: Bought this to help with mouth leaks while wearing my CPAP. Works fantastically for that ... leaks dropped to zero and my number of apnea events per night also dropped significantly.