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  • Krystof - Planned Obsolescence? I love HP Streams--but get one with 500gb+ HD--not this throw-away!

    It is difficult-to-impossible to enlarge or replace Hard Drive capacity of HP Streams so insist on 500gb or you will be stuck with a throwaway in a few years.

  • Montani - The WV state software did not work properly

    The federal version worked well and I like it pretty well. However for the price they are now charging they should provide a free E-file for the state too and in this case the WV state tax department said the software sent unneeded and incorrect information. When I called H&R Block about it, they just brushed off my complaint and didn't resolve it for me. They would not even promise to fix it in next year's release.

  • Michele - Awesome song!

    I liked this song since I heard it on the final "Breaking Bad"! I was glad I could download it from Amazon.

  • Opinionated Reviewer - Excellent

    Used to deter recurring mouse attacks on my Car's ventilation system. These packets, along with some aluminum screening at the Firewall Air Intake, have sent the critters packing. Also adds a very nice, but not overly powerfulPine scent to the car. Hope it's OK to breathe this stuff.......