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  • Nathan Ponder - and this was the perfect size to keep around for play time

    I can't believe the power behind this Nerf gun. It's such a tiny handheld gun, with a small 3-inch plunger, but packs more punch than the biggest baddest Nerf guns I had when I was younger. The design is convenient, firing one dart at a time and only having to reset the plunger. I bought this to shoot for my cat as he loves chasing the darts, and this was the perfect size to keep around for play time, while still shooting darts far further than I require - it will shoot a dart clear across the longest stretch in my apartment and still hit the wall with a fairly hard thud. I wish it came with a few extra darts, but for $8 I'm not complaining at all. It has been reliable and hasn't even had a single misfire yet.

  • ColoradoMom - Great Nose Sucker

    My husband purchased this for our little one. We have been using the Nose Frida and I personally really like it. He did not like the idea of putting his mouth on the other end of the sucker. We had a visit with an ENT doctor and my husband saw them use an electronic sucker and he was sold. He basically purchased this the next day! I have to admit it does work great. However, we have it hooked up to a small shop vac and the baby screams when it turns on because it is so loud. That is really my only complaint and it has nothing to do with this device, just what it is hooked up to. And the screaming/crying only lasts a moment. Overall, a great device, especially for husbands not comfortable with other options out there ;-)

  • Peter WHITE - Not what you would expect

    Poor quality program. Relatively very little game time. Was more a documentary than coverage of the Stanley Cup.

  • Nom de Plume - Helpful

    Good book to start understanding what's available. You will need to get updated info online and continue the research on the web for updated relevant info.