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  • Jim got great Results - Purium Cleanse

    My Father always said: "A poor workman always blames his tools". I think this applies to some posts I've seen. Hard to believe people had bad results with this. I for one am very "suspect" that there may be alternative motives like possibly representing other competitor's products.

  • Sarah Anne - AAAAAMAZING!!

    I cannot stress enough about how absolutely AMAZING this stuff truly is!! I spray it on my hair before I blow dry and before I flat iron it and it truly takes my hair from "eh" to "WOOOOOAAAAH!" and it smells good too!! (AND WHAT A STEAL!! in salons this stuff costs almost 1/3 more…) do your hair a favor and just buy this stuff!

  • E. Ginder - Staying healthy makes more sense and costs so little!!

    I bought Shane's book on a whim while browsing through Border's bookstore. I knew I could get a better deal on IF I had wanted to wait for shipping. I chose to buy it right then. I'm very interested in natural remedies. By researching a more natural method and utilizing a Naturopath I was able to get my son off of stimulant medication for his ADHD. By utilizing digestive enzymes my "cookie cutter diagnosis" of Irritable Bowl Syndrome has vanished. I also take supplements that Shane talked about such Cinnamon and Milk Thistle. I have taken Valerian for sleep but use Melatonin so I am curious as to what the differences are. I take a Lutein and Bilberry for vision however I may change to the CarotenAll. My husband also takes a Saw Palmetto blend. Others such as Garlic and Turmeric are also well known and Shane makes it so easy to understand and research yourself with his references.

  • David Allen - TT Games Hits One Out Of The Park!!!

    TT Games hit this one out of the park!!!!!! I have played every Lego game ever released. In the beginning they were great challenging games, but after a while they got very difficult with impossible times runs and races that were frustrating and unbeatable. I've been complaining for years about this problem. Well, TT must have been listening because all of those issues are gone in Jurassic World.