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  • A. Owens - It does work, ingredients are poven

    I realize this will be seen as a biased review because I am an It Works! Distributor, but I LOVE the Fat Fighters. The ingredients are proven in the naturopathic community individually, so how much better is it to have then all together in one bottle? Garcinia Cambogia, NeOpuntia, White Kidney Bean Extract, look them up! I use this as a cheat pill. I keep it in my purse for those nights out when I'm not eating like I would on a normal day (like today when we had a birthday party for my son at Peter Piper Pizza!). Even though I'm not using it daily, I've still been overall losing weight very gradually, and I haven't changed anything about my diet or activity. It is a great supplement at a great price, but this seller is not authorized to sell on Amazon, as it is against company policy for a distributor to sell on Amazon or other online retailers. To learn more, see my team page at

  • Alan Smithee - Cool Product, Well built, wish the execution was better though.

    It's definitely a great product for flighsimmers and it's really well built considering the price. Though, where this product lacks is in driver support and actually communicating with FSX. To actually configure this product to work with most planes and even with addons, its really necessary to install the software called SPAD, which is a free driver that a guy wrote for this product that allows you to map keys commands to the button on the console. This allows you to have free-range in customizing the setup. However this is time-consuming since you need to find the key command in FSX and then enter it back into SPAD. Yet, once you get it all if not most commands should work on the planes. Yet, there are tricky ones like some addons that simply are not compatible. It is a shame since this product holds a lot of potential but the lack of communication between FSX and this product has earned it one star deduction.

  • Sandra Murphey - 4Life Transfer Factor

    A friend told me about this product, and that although it's expensive, Amazon has the best price, which I found to be true.