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  • Peggy S Havnes - Informational

    This guide to QuickBooks 2013 is very informational. You can follow the steps easily. I like having the manual to research information when I don't have internet available.

  • Diane Pizzo - Good source of energy

    I like the product and I got it in one day ....yea...but it vame in 2 boxes for which I paid extra postage and that was unnecessary

  • Linda Jean - It works

    A few years ago I was in pain especially when I went to sit or get up and the first few steps. I even at times had to use a cane. So I started using turmeric and going to the gym and after a while my pain was gone. Recently due to husbands illness, I was at the hospital every day or if home busy taking care of him and not myself. I was not taking my supplements and after 6 months of this the pain returned. I previously had used a different brand but saw this and decided to give it a try. Have used it a month now and the pain is almost completely gone. You take 3 capsules a day. I take other things so I would prefer to take just one but whatever works and this seems to be working.

  • D.W. - These are awesome vacuum bags!

    These vacuum bags are amazing! The biggest one is massive, you can probably put several couch cushions in it, it's that big. You have so many options with all the assorted sizes of bags. There is definitely a bag in this set for every situation you could possibly have. They have them all covered fro sure. These are also very high quality well made bags. Very strong and thick plastic. These are not cheaply made like a lot of vacuum bags on the market. Very easy to use, they even come with a hand pump to suck all the air out. Very easy to use and you won't believe how much they shrink your stuff down and they don't leak so once you shrink something down it's going to stay that way till you ready to let the air back in. Winter coats and clothes and blankets, think of how much space you will be able to save! I'm putting everything I can in these bags. They are fantastic!Disclosure, I did receive this product at a slightly reduced price in order to try it out and give my honest opinion and review and that is what I have done here. I really am impressed with these vacuum bags from California Basics and I know that you will be too! They are a very good product. If this review has helped in any way, please click the Yes button below. Thanks!

  • suzynurse - Good quality, difficult to install

    We had problems getting these mudguards to fit right. They are not at all flexible, and trying to get all the screws to line up was

  • Eddie - Works great on small engines 2 and 4 stroke weed whacker

    Works great on small engines 2 and 4 stroke weed whacker, lawn mowers and snow blowers. Lawnmower starts on first pull now since using this. Snow blower started in 3 pulls in below 20 degree temps. I havent tried this in a car yet so I cannot speak on that.