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  • Lois A. Johnson - Canary in a Mine

    Keith is a truth teller and like a canary in a Mine whose purpose is to not stop singing (or the miners die), he goes forth regardless of the risks!

  • Kurses - Register

    Same register you would receive with a check book.. my bank has skimped on them and I needed to find some elsewhere, these are perfect for the job. I thought easy-read may mean big lines and big print.. thank goodness it's all the same size as any other register. Good price.. no complaints.

  • Real Name - New Smell is Horrible

    I have used this product for over 7 yrs; twice daily. This was the best damn product out in the market for facial skin. And then one day I pick up the product and go home and use it and it starts smelling. I look at the package and it says that now it comes with new smell. The new smell was so disgusting and horrible but I said to myself may be its just me that I am used to the old one and anything new is not good. So I used the product tube after tube for at least 4 tubes and still could not get used to the smell.

  • Emily Bailey - Pretty freaking good

    If you're into shake diets I totally recommend this. It's expensive so I was really, really skeptical but I did my best to prove that other shake mixes were better and couldn't. I had spreadsheets of statistics and calculations from cost to nutrition to ingredients, and Body by Vi came out on top everywhere but cost. And when people say it tastes like cake, they are not kidding. It really does. The only down side to this stuff, which is really true for all shake mixes, is that you really only end up mixing it with fruit and various milks, which is great, but it really pushes your carb total. You can mix with proteins (I love using almond butter and cocoa to make a shake that tastes like a Hershey's almond bar or with sugar-free Butterscotch pudding mix and peanut butter for a Butterfinger shake that is AMAZING) but you probably won't. You will end up mixing it with fruit. So if you don't care about protein/carb ratio, have at it!

  • Steve - The last bucket is terrible. The tablets are powdery to the touch

    I have been buying this chlorine for 4-5 years now. The last bucket is terrible. The tablets are powdery to the touch. By the time i finish loading the chlorine in my hands are completely white and its all over the place. I ruined a pair of pants because the chlorine got on them. 25% of the tablets i touch are also cracked into small pieces. I don't know what changed this year. maybe one bad bucket or did they lower the quality?

  • H. P. Stone - love toe socks....

    I like the crew & mini crew socks so much that I thought these would be great under my work shoes, & they are, they make my shoes/feet much more comfortable, no more blisters or smushed toes! However I do find the compression maybe a little tight on my calves by the end of the workday, it depends how long or hard of a day it's been! Also they are not quite thin enough for my work shoes, they bunch up a little at the top of the foot in my "mary jane" style shoes, although I don't feel anything, it doesn't make them uncomfortable, but if you're looking you can see that but I still wear them anyway (the pants cover that part)! When the weather is cooler, they'll be perfect under boots (I'm referring to regular "fashion boots, not snow boots, lol) For running, maybe they're slightly too thin, or maybe it's just that they're not cotton so don't grip as well, but I feel my foot slide a bit in my sneakers. If I was going to use these with a pair of sneakers exclusively, then I'd buy a smaller sneaker size to fix this, but I think I prefer to wear their micro crew toe socks for running/walking & keep these for work or after run recovery.

  • lledra - This is great.

    Grandson who is 7 is having a ball with this. Great exercise especially on a rainy or cold day. He really works up a sweat. When I do it with him I find I am not the best but the fun is well worth the time.