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  • Secret Shopper - but the novelty wears off pretty fast. The emotional reactions I have witnessed thus ...

    It has potential, but it needs more. He's an entertaining little guy, but the novelty wears off pretty fast. The emotional reactions I have witnessed thus far appear far more random than something that is genuinely interacting with the environment. I was really looking forward to it looking at another robot figure and say "meh", but that's just not happening.

  • Daniel R. Jensen - One month of Chrome-y goodness. Then, not so much...

    Fine until it failed 30 days after I bought it. Much messing around and talking to Toshiba got them to offer me a charge of only $30.00 for a box and shipping back to them, so that they can fix it for me on an unspecified schedule. I may change this rating (if?) after I get it back, but it isn't looking good.

  • Stewbacca - Perfect!

    Very quick setup and easy to use. Starts up much faster than my PlayStation, and downloading apps is a breeze. Seems to load my shows much quicker as well. Smaller than I expected, about the size of a 5x7 photo album. I love that it uses a Bluetooth connection that doesn't require line-of-sight to the remote, so you can place it behind your TV or other devices to save shelf space.

  • Amazon Customer - I am disappointed with this purchase

    I am disappointed with this purchase. Great price, but every other seems to split so there is no holding power. Not sure if too old or over heated in transit...but not the best buy I ever made. To be fair, I did not attempt to return. I just figured it was a lesson learned.

  • Gary L. Evers - Adobe Creative Cloud membership

    Nice to be able to try out this software, for very low cost to trial it. Wish that part of the monthly price of $50 would go towards the purchase of the program.

  • Amazon Customer - Free Hot spot and phone service

    I have been using the hot spot for more than a year, I am extremely satisfied. The hot spot is used at work place where my cellphone signal (T-mobile) is weak and don't want to mess up with company WIFI. The speed is fast enough for my iPod touch to stream stock quotes. During the year of service, the hot spot only experienced less than 5 time outages.

  • Mike M. - Great light rain jacket

    I normally wear 2xl sizes on all my jackets with no issue. But, this jacket tends to be a slim cut. I don't know much guys who are 2xl and slim at the same time so I don't know what gives. Also, muscular guys might have issues with the size as well if you have broad shoulders and thick arms which I also have. I wanted to be able to wear a fleece underneath for added layer but it makes the jacket a little too tight so minus a star. But, the product itself is great. Its light and breathable. I like the adjustable hood, my old north face rain jacket hood flops down over my face and have to always pull the hood up so its nice that I don't have to do it with this. This jacket packs very well inside the hood and fits nicely in my pack. This jacket is rated at the top by outdoor gear labs so its been tested and approved. A definite good buy if you have a medium to slim build.