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  • J. Brown - Wish I hadn't purchased this

    I've used other, much more user friendly, home design software products. I also took a couple of CAD courses in college. This is a glitchy nightmare. All wall layers flicker and show at the same time and the 3D camera is constantly throwing up errors. Half the buttons they show on the Chief tutorials, that would make creating roofs and modifying objects much easier, don't exist in this version. Creating a gable end roof is a nightmare and my chosen house plan is full of them. When you click the create gable roof button, you get a definition of a gable roof, followed by directions telling how to further modify supporting walls (on a perfect square room) to get a gable end. This doesn't work 99% of the time within a complex house plan. So, I have to resort to guessing pitches and combinations for every line. The library is so skimpy, I'll have to create half the objects (like square columns) myself. How do you estimate costs for a drawn object? If you value your time and sanity, look elsewhere.

  • A. Richardson - Very lightweight and versatile, great for being out and about while still keeping baby comfy

    We originally bough a Babyjogger City Versa. It's a great stroller but heavy and big. By the time our precious little angel hit the 6 month mark, I was cursing each time I had to lug it somewhere. And I was getting dirty looks when I brought it on the Metro or into restaurants, so I figured it was time to lighten things up a bit. I knew I had hit that moment of being a seasoned parent when I decided to get an umbrella stroller.

  • christi adkins - ... has done it again Willow and Lauren crank out amazing books on their own but when they get together

    I can't believe it the dynamic duo has done it again Willow and Lauren crank out amazing books on their own but when they get together watch out the book will literally melt your device. I loved tempted it is a scorching hot romance about a father's last wish and a daughter that fights her prince charming every step of the way. This book kept me on the edge of my seat and i couldn't put it down. I can't wait to read the next one. These authors are amazing you are missing out if you don't get this book.

  • dan alvey - Sturdy construction, and despite the reviews I saw

    Sturdy construction, and despite the reviews I saw, installation was very easy. I accidentally installed them backwards (they look like an airplane wing and should face that same way) and as the installation manual said, there is a noticeable wind noise if put in backwards. I was able to uninstall and reinstall with the correct orientation in about 15 minutes. The front bar is longer than the back but it is clearly marked on the underside of the bar which is which. End of the day, if you know how to use an Allen Wrench, this is an easy install. Was able to easily fit my Thule roof case to these. Recommend having a step stool while installing.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing cleanse!!!

    I have to chime in here. I started the 30 day cleanse about 3 weeks ago. I can honestly affirm that these products work! I was weighing about 213 lbs when I began. I sit here writing this 3 weeks later and I am now weighing in at 198. That is 15 lbs in 21 days. This is not a fad diet. I needed to reprogram my brain to start eating the right foods and watch my portions. I have one week left in my 30 day cleanse. I did not need to lose a tremendous amount of weight. I'm a 46 year old male about 6 feet tall. My ideal weight is about 185, so I should hit that next month as I continue on with the maintenance phase of using this product. I am not a rep, nor do I have any affiliation with Isagenix. I heard about it from friends who swore about it. More importantly than the weight loss and inches lost (pants are all lose now), is how you feel. My energy level is through the roof and I am always in a upbeat, positive mood. I'll leave it there. Give it a shot. It's not hard and you will be a different person in no time!!!

  • Slowdiver - Deceiving...

    In its ads for this product, St. Ives claims that apricots are the "key ingredient" because they are "known to contain one of the highest levels of carotenoids (think vitamin A) and super-effective antioxidants." HOWEVER, if you look at the ingredients list for this product, you will see that the only mention of anything apricot-related is the very last ingredient (Prunus Armeniaca (Apricot) Fruit Extract), which means that there is only very, very little apricot anything actually contained within this product. I can't stand it when companies do this. They think they can boast their product of having the benefits of simply when, in truth, there is only a tiny, tiny percentage of that "something" in it. So while it's not necessarily false advertising, it is nonetheless deceiving.