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  • DeRome - Good Chlorine

    These Chlorine Tablets really do a good job. They are not the cheapie ones you buy at Walmart . They last longer and do a better job for a price that you can't beat. Thank You In the Swim and Thank you Amazon.

  • MT_Lightning - Super Glitter!

    This stuff is like pure glitter in a bottle - not like normal glitter polish that takes some daubing and multiple coats. This is probably the most densly glittery polish I've ever had (and I love it!).

  • Amazon Customer - This product was amazing. I smoked almost everyday for a month or ...

    This product was amazing. I smoked almost everyday for a month or two and got a surprise that I have to take a hair test to get the job I wanted. So the morning of my test I took selsun blue to get dandruff out and show more of my hair. Then immediately before my test I used this ultra clean shampoo test by test. Don't forget to scrub into your head AND pinch your fingers together with hair in between and go up! So the shampoo will get into every part of your hair

  • Martin H. Rossman - Quite pleased

    I am quite pleased with avery aspect of this cart bag. It is well designed, not too heavy and looks like it will survive many golf seasons. Important for me is the fact that the top is constructed so that the cloth segments are protected by plastic from being abraded by the metal faces of the irons.

  • Nerseed G - love

    Product works just as indicated, and is made with excellent quality...I am truly very impressed with everything about this product. Great Features, very functional and practical and is a great product for someone like me. This company makes excellent products and have never disappointed me, not even once. You can say that this product by far exceeded my expectations and would look into purchasing more products in the near future.. The item arrived on time, in perfect condition and packaged well. I love essential oils!

  • Jacquelyn S. - A Miracle!

    This stuff is a life saver. I have been to the doctor before and been told that there's no issues with me but I've had odors for years that never go away no matter how clean I am! Even immediately after showering. This stuff worked in a matter of 2 days. When I started buying it on Amazon it was more like $18 but has since gone up but I still pay because it's less than all local stores. It is a continual supplement you need to take because I notice when I lose track or skip time taking it the odor comes back. It's worth $20/month for the self confidence boost and healthy feeling!