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    Ordered my Solar Garden Light by SolarGlow , came within 02 days of ordering, nicely packed in Amazon Box. Looks exactly like the picture, nothing broken or missing.

  • Amazon CustomerKAS - This is what I know about this item

    It takes some muscle for chicken gizzards. All other cuts of meat's a breeze. No rust, easy to wash. It's perfect for small batches.

  • amy flowers - LOVE ADVOCARE!!

    I went through the 24 day challenge & had no problems at all!! I lost about 5 pounds, but I didn't eat just "diet" food either. I only need to loose like 10 pounds so I feel like if I had not had any late night snacks it that I definitely would have lost those other 5. As far as the products, I drink my spark everyday, and take the catalyst supplement. I also loved the MNS3 vitamins, it seemed to make my skin look better & made me feel better all the way around! I would defiantly recommend their products.

  • Elena Voss - Great ball

    Excellent ball. Have enjoyed practicing with it. Had some difficulty pumpng it up but other than that it's been great .

  • Amazon Customer - Subpar Hi-Top

    These shoes are definitely a far cry from my older B-Ball Shoes. The sole in particular leaves a lot to be desired. I will say to the "Pro" side of things that they are nice looking shoes. No qualms about that. However, that is not on the top of my list by any means. The unfortunate "Bad"...poor traction on the court, very poor. Night and day difference from my much older and more worn Nike. Very disappointing. Second, the sole itself is not cushioned well. I'm not talking about the insole here. That can be remedied easy enough with an insert. My aging Nike's fell apart after years of hanging around. You can see why they were better for comfort as well. I cannot recommend these to anyone looking to play competitive basketball. Fortunately, I'm just a coach so a little slip sliding away is not a big deal. My suggestion is to look elsewhere. Take it for what it is worth.

  • Wanderer - Works If You Let It

    I have been applying this daily to my toe nails using a cotton swab and after 2 1/2 months it has dramatically improved! I have battling a bad case of toe nail fungus for nearly two years and made no headway using different recommended soaks involving bleach, lemons, vinegar and garlic. I tried 4 different OTC remedies - one I think made the fungus more aggressive. I used a topical prescription recommended by my Dr for over a year with no relief. Read a post from another Dr suggesting tea tree oil, which I had never heard of, and figured I had no where to go but up. The two worst toes are now about 85% resolved and the others are all in good shape. I live in the Deep South, golf 4-5 times a week and my feet sweat constantly, not a a good situation re fungus. I am continuing to use the tea tree oil daily and plan to going forward as an easy, inexpensive preventative .