Cascade Audiology & Hearing Center - Cascade Audiology & Hearing Aid Services, PC has many years of experience with fitting hearing aids prior to the science of real ear and computer technology. Jeff Griffin is skilled in the use of computer software technology, programming and design of computer programs. Hearing aids are fit with the science of the latest technology in hearing aids.

  • Hearing Questionnaire - Testing is conducted in a sound booth for accuracy of results and is painless, comfortable and safe. It includes checking your ability to recognize everyday words at different volume levels, and to determine how well you hear various tones that are important to understanding speech.
  • Directionality - A directional hearing aid picks up sound toward the front & reduces sound from the side or to the rear to help with background noise. While facing the individual they are talking to, the instrument will reduce unwanted noise behind the person wearing the aid.
  • Cascade Audiology & Hearing Center - Cascade Audiology & Hearing Aid Services, PC will be with you every step of the way towards improved hearing.
  • Cascade Audiology & Hearing Center - Assisted Listening Devices improve the quality of the acoustic signal for the listener by increasing the volume of the signal directly at the sound source, whether the source is the television, telephone, lecture hall, theater or place of worship.
  • Ear Protection - Cascade Audiology can make custom ear molds, and earplugs to protect against loud noise exposure. We also make specialized earplugs for musicians, Soundports, TV announcers, etc.

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    City: -111.8906 Arizona, United States

  • Leanne Heikke - Dont buy!

    I bought one of these items for my son. He opened it and fully charged it, and started messing with it. I also messed with it and found major problems with the screen. The screen takes at least five times to click one app! The constomer service is terrible. I tried contacting them multiple times and nothing back. I would buy a tablet from a local store so you can have good constomer service in case anything happens.

  • Amazon Customer - Easy to set up

    I got this and was easy to set up... I had Quicken Starter Edition 2011 and there were no problems in updating to Quicken Statrer Edition 2014... All my info was transfered OK... But the instructions said this is the only one that will update to this Quicken.. So if you have another version ok Quicken it will NOT update...

  • Robin I. - Love this as a dog shampoo!

    I bought this to use on my dogs. I have an English mastiff with course hair that is not very soft by nature, and an Australian shepherd with long hair that tends to get frizzy. This made my mastiffs hair much softer and it made my shepherds hair much easier to manage and it didn't frizz when it dried! It was also very easy to wash out of their hair without residue