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  • Jessie Souza - Wolf in sheep's clothing.

    I spoke to the folks at Quick books online and on the phone before purchasing to be sure I was getting what I needed for my business. That was a waste of time. They up sold me this product which is WAY more complex than I needed or wanted. I just needed a program to keep track of sales tax and other government related fees associated with my business(small car restoration shop). This program is like driving a semi at a roller skate convention. Serious overkill. There are no instructions or manual that come with the software. So the helpful people at Quick books will charge you a mere $80 to help you over the phone. Mind you, that is just a pass for 3 months. If you need more help after that, you'll need an additional charge. The helpful technician did inform me of the online manual that is a scant 800 bloody pages. Sure buddy- I'll get right on it. Long story short- if you know what you are doing, you'll probably be fine, but if you're looking for simple and easy, keep looking!

  • Kristopher - Another #1 Album for Lady Gaga

    Instantly loved this album! I wasn't expecting ANY of this, and I'm glad because it means my Favorite Artist can still surprise me.

  • Jody L Weldon - Great information to plan your own trip

    Great book with lots of helpful information to plan your own trip and not use a travel agent or just to get ideas for an upcoming trip. A friend suggested I get this book as she used it to plan her trip. It has been extremely helpful!

  • ShopperinCO - Good Case, Very Sturdy

    This case does add quite a bit of bulk and weight to the thin and light iPhone 7 Plus, however I feel that it provides substantial protection for the phone and the phone fits securely in the case. No fear of it falling out. Also it can fit three credit cards comfortably and the magnet is powerful and latches securely, so the cards will not fall out. Even if the magnet accidentally pops open, the cards fit in a plastic holder within the case that is also quite secure. I also bought the magnetic car mount suggested by Amazon when you order this case (different vendor), and the phone sits securely on that and doesn't slide or fall down, even on bumpy roads. The stand works nicely as well; the phone doesn't droop or fall.

  • Cameron Blair - Great all around day bag.

    Great bag, everything it needs to be. Full review here!A-Proper-man-bag-Timbuk2-Navigator-duffel/cjds/551a227e0cf23d8eaa2e3309