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  • Ryker5115 - Great sticker set for any collection

    I got these with the matching sticker book for my boyfriend. He has always collected sports cards so I thought a sticker book would be fun to add to his collection. I don't follow football as much as he does but this set is really cool. There are 70 stickers total in these packs. Finding where they go in the book is pretty fun and it is pretty time consuming. A great thing to do on a rainy day. He really enjoyed these.

  • shlby18 - Very helpful

    Very helpful and well organized. I liked their test strategies. I would recommend this to anyone taking the PCAT.

  • Jeff Smith - good source of B12

    From what I've read, methyl B12 seems to be the best source of the vitamin. If you have pernicious anemia, 3-4 of these lozenges a day should do the trick. If you are a vegan and need some extra B-12, you can probably take one a day (or every other day). The pills are vegan (no animal products) and taste pretty good (slight lemon flavor).

  • Techno Enthusist - Cool Concept if your into Tech

    Thought this was a cool concept: Being able to have a portable "desktop" PC. Hooked it up to an older (but not very old) Samsung TV and had no issues with setup / Windows 10. Saw some reviews about it being finicky about what TV it would work with so plugged it in to an older(-ish) Vizio. No problems there either. Had to use the picture size button on the Samsung TV to get it to fit, but the Vizio was perfect without any extra settings. I live in an above average tech household so WIFI is good; able to watch Netflix and YouTube with no problems. Next experiment will be to upload MS Office. I imagine it will work just fine, but wouldn't be too put out if it didn't; my main use will be streaming, which it does very well.