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  • Garden Girl - Really dumb plot

    This was rather a dumb book. It was most definitely not a thriller or mystery. It is not exactly a romance either. The main character is so weak she is reprehensible. She declines to report her psychiatrist husband in for his sexual predator behavior (sleeping with a vulnerable patient). I can only imagine that if he lost his medical license it would effect her alimony. The submissive housewife, now turned wanna-be painter, really needs that income since she has chosen to live on an island, of all places. Glad this book was free is all I can say.

  • E.H.F. - Uppababy G Lite VS Maclaren Mark ii VS Joovy Groove Ultralight

    We recently embarked on stroller shopping for a lightweight or umbrella stroller. I really wanted to know details and so am writing this review to provide what I could not find.

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    This is the perfect grille upgrade for your wrangler! The matte black looks great and goes well with any color and accessories.

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    I installed this with a Whisper King pump and accumulator kit. I'm not sure of how each of the components performs on their own, all I can confirm, is that when you install the Whisper King, the pump silencing kit and this accumulator, you'll achieve the performance you're looking for and the system is very quiet. I'm guessing, but I'd say it's more than half as quiet with this set up.

  • D Kevin Lanham - Charged battery and Working now.

    Used it 3 times. It starts then shuts off about 5 seconds. Thought it was the battery needing charged, charged it and still the same won't stay on. I don't know, Had to bust out old reliable gas, smoke, blowing, ozone killing, weed eating machine.

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