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Halcyon Organics First Medical Cannabis Company the South - Halcyon Organics is the first medical cannabis company in the South. Based in Atlanta Georgia, we formulate high quality medical cannabis products.

  • https://halcyonorganics.com/about-halcyon-organics/ About Halcyon Organics | Cannabis Company | Marijuana - About Halcyon Organics, our mission, team and products. Halcyon Organics is a medical cannabis and lifestyle brand based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/atlantas-first-medical-marijuana-company/ FAQ | Atlanta Georgia First Medical Cannabis Company - Halcyon Organics FAQ. As a Georgia medical marijuana company, people have many questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/georgia-hb1/ Georgia HB1 | Medical Cannabis | CBD Oil - In 2015, Georgia passed HB1 which established the first medical cannabis program in the Deep South. HB1 allows patients to possess 20 oz of cannabis oil.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/advocacy/ Medical Marijuana Advocacy | Cannabis Atlanta Georgia - Halcyon Organics advocates for medical marijuana reform by communicating the economic and social benefits of well-regulated medical cannabis programs.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/cannabidiol-information/ Cannabidiol Information | What Is | Medical Cannabis Info MMJ - Information on the powerful medical cannabinoid, Cannabidiol. Medical Cannabis industry leader, Halcyon Organics, explains medicinal value of CBD.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/evolved-cbd-liquids-by-halcyon-organics/ Evolved CBD Liquids | Vape | Cannabidiol | Halcyon Organics - Halcyon Organics Evolved CBD Liquids are formulated using natural cannabidiol to create legal CBD vaping experience. Health through evolved wellness.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/medical-marijuana-benefits/ Benefits of well-regulated medical marijuana program Atlanta - Well-regulated medical marijuana programs create many economic, social and medical benefits. Regulation and taxation is conservative and fiscally responsible.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/the-human-endocannabinoid-system/ The Human Endocannabinoid System, Marijuana Cannabis - The human endocannabinoid system regulates vital life functions. Cannabis has chemicals that are imperative for healthy body function. CBD Oil Cannabdidiol
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/medical-benefits-of-cannabis/ Medical Benefits of Cannabis | Marijuana | Legal Atlanta MMJ - Explanation of the medical benefits of marijuana. Cannabis contains cannabinoids, terpinoids, and flavonoids that have promising medicinal properties.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/clinical-studies/ Clinical Studies | Medical Marijuana Cannabis - Hundreds of reputable clinical studies prove cannabis has powerful medical value. Medical marijuana may treat some of mankind's most dangerous diseases.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/halcyon-organics-in-the-news/ Halcyon Organics In The News | Cannabis - The First Medical Cannabis Company in the south, Halcyon Organics appearances in the news and media.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/blog/ Medical Marijuana | Cannabis | Atlanta Georgia | - Keep up with the medical marijuana movement, news and events with Halcyon Organics blog. Atlanta Georgia's first medical cannabis company.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/georgia-medical-cannabis-doctors/ Medical Cannabis Doctors Information Georgia HB1 - Medical cannabis information and resources for doctors interested in learning more about the emerging field of cannabinoid medicine. CBD, low thc oil, HB1
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/all-cannabis-use-is-medical/ All Cannabis Use is Medical, Even if the User Doesn't Realize it. - All Cannabis Use is Medical, Even if the User Doesn't Realize it. Self-proclaimed 'recreational' cannabis users often use for medical reasons they don't know
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/medical-cannabis-is-all-about-the-pain/ Illness is All About the Pain | Halcyon Organics - Cannabis treats all types of intractable pain including inflammation, neuropathic, psychiatric, bone, ms, als, and cancer. Pain is a real medical condition.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/baby-boomers-alzheimers-disease-and-medical-marijuana/ Baby Boomers, Alzheimer's, and Medical Cannabis| Halcyon - Clinical studies prove that medical marijuana can prevent Alzheimer's Disease, dementia and other neurodegenerative conditions.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/georgia-house-representative-proposes-medical-marijuana-bill-for-2014-legislature/ Georgia House Representative proposes medical marijuana bill for 2014 legislature - Allen Peake, Georgia State Representative proposes medical marijuana bill for 2014 legislature
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/rally-for-hb-722-and-patients-in-need-of-cannabis-oil/ Rally for HB 722 and Patients in Need of Cannabis Oil | Halcyon Organics - We are holding a press conference to announce the delivery of our petition and raise awareness for HB722. We will begin interviews and pictures at around 2:30, so arrive early if you can. We need a good turn-out for this, so if it is at all possible, please attend.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/french-drug-trial-tests-endocannabinoid-meds/ French Drug Trial Tests Endocannabinoid Meds | Halcyon Organics - Leave it to the pharmaceutical industry to manufacture dangerous drugs. They nearly killed someone by artificially antagonizing the endocannabinoid system.
  • https://halcyonorganics.com/social-benefits-of-regulating-medical-cannabis/ Social Benefits of Regulating Medical Cannabis | Halcyon Organics - Regulating medical cannabis creates numerous societal benefits, but most importantly, it lowers teen use.

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  • J. Jordahl - Not as good as expected

    I purchased this with a moderate case of poison ivy on my leg thinking it would clear it right up. I followed the instructions to a T, and did not observe the itch relief that was advertised, and definitely not in 30 seconds. So I used it again right away to see if it worked any better. After the two washes it did feel better, but it was by no means completely itch free. I washed again one more time about four hours later, and saw little improvement. The next day the poison ivy blisters were much larger and more enflamed than they ever were prior to using the wash. I think the abrasive nature of it just irritated the rash more than healing it, although there was a small area where the rash looked more dried up. I used the product again the next day, and after the treatment the rash hurt more than ever, however the rash didn't seem to spread after using this product. The tube was essentially gone after the four uses, so if you pay full price you will be paying for $10 per application. I think this product could be useful, but only right after contact with the poison ivy. My rash had been present for two days before I used the product, and I saw minimal benefit. Because this is used to wash away the oil I think it would be better suited to prevent the spreading of the rash and minimizing initial itchiness.

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  • Momof4 - It Works!!

    My teens (all 3) have been using these vitamins for almost 6 months. We have been able to see a visible change in the skin of all 3 of them. Very thankful for this natural way of addressing an issue that can be very embarrassing for teens.