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HAMS: Harm Reduction for Alcohol - HAMS Harm Reduction is a support and informational group for safer drinking, reduced drinking, or quitting alcohol altogether.

  • http://hams.cc/support/ HAMS Support Groups - Online Forum, Email Group, Facebook Group, Chat Room, Live Meetings - HAMS offers online support for alcohol harm reduction via a forum, an email group, facebook group, and chatroom as well as live meetings.
  • http://hams.cc/seventeen/ The 17 Elements of HAMS - The 17 elements of HAMS constitute the core of the HAMS alcohol harm reduction program. All are optional and they can be done in any order. Start with the one that appeals to you most.
  • http://hams.cc/chatroom/ Alcohol Harm Reduction Chat Room - HAMS chat is a great place to interact in real time with people who are doing better with their drinking habits. It is a great place for harm reduction, abstinence or moderation. Better is better.
  • http://hams.cc/live/ Live HAMS Meetings - HAMS live meetings allow you to interact face to face with people who have improved their relationship with alcohol. Learn from others who have successfully achieved safer drinking, reduced drinking, or abstinence from alcohol.
  • http://hams.cc/sampleplans/ Sample Alcohol Harm Reduction Plans - HAMS welcomes each member to tailor a drinking plan which will work for them as an individual. We do not believe that one size fits all. This page contains some actual plans which our members have implemented.
  • http://hams.cc/testimonials/ Testimonials for HAMS Alcohol Harm Reduction - Stories of how lives have been saved by learning to practice alcohol harm reduction the HAMS way.
  • http://hams.cc/recread/ HAMS Recommended Reading - HAMS recommends these books as useful for practicing harm reduction, abstinence or moderation and for getting your life together.
  • http://hams.cc/links/ HAMS Links for Alcohol Harm Reduction - Links to various sites which HAMS has found of interest to people concerned with harm reduction, abstinence, moderation, psychological well being, physical well being or drug and alcohol policy.
  • http://hams.cc/therapist/ Alcohol Harm Reduction Therapist Finder - A directory of therapists who are friendly to the HAMS alcohol harm reduction program.
  • http://hams.cc/about/ About HAMS Harm Reduction - Information about the HAMS boards, staff, and philosophy of alcohol harm reduction.
  • http://hams.cc/mods/ The Moderate Drinking Cheat Sheet - A how-to guide to becoming a moderate drinker. This page gives the essential steps needed to get one's drinking under control and stay within moderate drinking limits as defined by HAMS in a short summary form.
  • http://hams.cc/withdrawal/ What Is Alcohol Withdrawal? - Describes the different levels of alcohol withdrawal from minor withdrawal to major withdrawal and delirium tremens and discusses how neurotransmitter rebound in the GABA system is primarily responsible for the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal syndrome.
  • http://hams.cc/evidence/ Evidence For Harm Reduction - HAMS presents links where the evidence for the efficacy of harm reduction has been clinically proven.

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